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Published on 06 March 2020 at 8:00 PM
Le Reign FC devient OL Reign et dévoile sa nouvelle identité de marque
Reign FC today revealed its new name and brand identity in advance of its eighth season in the National Women’s Soccer League. Reign FC will now be known as OL Reign.


The club’s new name reflects the deep connection between one of the founding members of the NWSL, Reign FC, and one of Europe’s most iconic football brands, Olympique Lyonnais. The ties between the two clubs were cemented in December 2020, when OL Groupe acquired Reign FC.

The new name fuses the essential elements of the two names – OL and Reign – combining them into a powerful new marque that celebrates the special relationship between the clubs.


“The acquisition of Reign FC by OL Groupe brought together two organizations with the shared ambition to be the best in the world,” said OL Reign CEO Bill Predmore. “Our new name symbolizes the aspirations of our collective organization. I believe the new name shows a deep respect and reverence for what our club and our supporters have built over the past seven years. At the same time, the new name provides an authentic connection to the traditions, ceremony, grandeur and spectacle of European football, while looking forward to a future fueled by our shared desire to bring greatness and glory to our city, to our region, and to our supporters.”

The new name is expressed in a reimagined badge that features a modern interpretation of the most sacred symbol of Lyon – the lion. First appearing in the coat of arms of the city of Lyon in 1320, the lion symbolizes strength and determination. In modern parlance, the lion symbolizes grit, which from its earliest days has been a core value of the club and of the city OL Reign now calls home.

The lion sits within a shield inspired by the original Reign FC badge. The primary colors utilized in the badge – blue, red and gold – also tie directly to the coat of arms of Lyon, as well as to the brand identity of Olympique Lyonnais.

“Our investment in the Reign FC project includes our know-how, experience, culture and history,” said Jean-Michel Aulas, President of OL Groupe. “The Lion must make its mark on the future of OL Reign while keeping the identity of the club and leveraging its many achievements and assets. Like Bill, I strongly believe in the inspiration given by this new badge, which combines our DNA to bring OL Reign to the pinnacle of the NWSL at a sporting and business level.”

The club will retain its nickname, The Bold, and will highlight the serendipitous placement of “OL” within “BOLD” to further reinforce the ties between Olympique Lyonnais and the club. The club’s digital presence has evolved as well, with OL Reign now found on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube @olreign and on the web at

“The essence of our brand resides in our values, and those values remain intact despite the many changes this club and our supporters have experienced,” said Predmore. “Our club’s greatest attribute is our ability to not simply endure change, but to actively embrace it. It is that grit – now symbolized in our new badge – that has allowed us to prevail. I love the new badge because it represents who we have become while inspiring us to achieve all that we want to be: a club that will always march forward, fearless, prepared to overcome any challenge that we may face in our relentless pursuit of greatness.”