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Bertrand Traoré : "Each match is like a final"

Published on 03 March 2020 at 3:00 PM
Bertrand Traoré : « Chaque match est comme une finale »
Before facing PSG this Wednesday in the semifinals of the Coupe de France, Bertrand Traoré responded to journalists to discuss this match in particular as well as Lyon's season.

The team's morale

"The squad is good and the mood is positive. We just won the derby which is the most important match of the season for the city, the club, and the supporters. We won not only the derby but we played well. The coach has put things into place. We are getting better and better on the pitch. There is regularity in our performances and more solidarity on the pitch. This is the key to recording positive results. It’s also a way of surpassing oneself. It’s starting to take hold but you don’t want to put the horse before the cart. We earned two victories against Juventus and against ASSE but we must also realize that from now every match is crucial for the end of the season. "


The team's recuperation

"We make groups in which we work, depending on who has played the matches or not. There is a whole program to follow. We are managing to recover well before the different matches. In the other leagues where I played it was different. There was more rest. "



"Each team wants to play a cup final. They will put out the best team possible. They are still PSG. It is always wonderful to play a final. The goal of a club is always to win trophies. Tomorrow’s match is such an important game for them, against an opponent that’s always been a problem for them, they’ll necessarily take the game very seriously. ”


The end of the season

"Each match is like a final. You have to try to win by taking the matches one after the other. You have to have a strong mental attitude, not to get overly excited and stay focused. We have to keep the solidity that we have shown for the last few matches. We can dream of a better future. I am a competitor. I want to play as many matches as possible. As it is in football, you have to respect the choices of the coach and stay professional. As a competitor, I want to play as much as possible. I work to give the best of myself when I am on the pitch. "


The corona virus

"It is a difficult time when we look at the news. It seems as if we should not greet each other. These are precautions that must be accepted and I hope that the authorities will find the best possible solution. If the game against Juventus had to be relocated, it would change the atmosphere and it could be a positive point for us but we must above all focus on the pitch. "


The tactics utilized

"The coach adapts to different teams. We have to show consistency in the performances that we deliver. We have been playing in two different systems that have suited us quite well lately."


The importance of the fans

"We always need our supporters. We had a great atmosphere and we saw again how important this match was for them. We defended the honor the colors of the club. We will still need them against PSG tomorrow. "

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