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Marcelo : "My goal is to make my mark on this club"

Published on 01 March 2020 at 2:00 PM
Marcelo : « Mon objectif est désormais de laisser mon empreinte dans ce club »
The Brazilian central defender of OL spoke to the club media. As he had gone through a difficult period a few weeks ago, Marcelo spoke about his season, his teammates and his integration into the club.

Marcelo, how have you found your season?

I am very happy to play in this team. I’ve had good times and bad times but that’s normal. I'm always going to give 100% for OL so we can go as far as possible. I will make every effort to bring back a trophy. I learned a lot from my situation this year. I learned to forgive but the important thing is that now everyone is happy. The reconciliation with the supporters was extraordinary and will remain a great moment. It was useless to feed this argument because we are all in the same boat. We're all trying to achieve something together. My goal now is to leave my mark on this club.


How are you dealing with this series of three big matches in Juventus, then Saint-Etienne and Paris ?

That’s why we play football. I’m looking forward to playing these two matches after playing Juve. When you play football there is always psychological pressure but we will have to concentrate as much as possible. The PSG team is very strong so despite the loss to Dortmund, they will play at 100% against us in the semi-finals of the Coupe de France. I hope the public will be behind us because we need the supporters to win these difficult matches.


What do you remember about arriving at Olympique Lyonnais ?

I arrived on my son’s birthday. I remember seeing all the cups and the whole history of the club the day I came to Lyon. I quickly integrated. The language was a bit difficult. But Rafael and Marçal helped me a lot. I was motivated to have a good season and good performances on the pitch. Motivation determines everything. I was well supported, surrounded by my family. This is essential because if you are happy with your family it is easier in your professional life. I know a lot here already now. I have been to Bocuse several times five or six times, I love French food. When I went to the center of Lyon, too it was great. In addition, people are super nice.


Did you already know Bruno Guimarães and what is your relationship with Rafael and Marçal?

Bruno is a great player who had a great season with his club and his international side. He is very good technically and I hope he will help us a lot at the end of the season. He's going to give everything for OL, I'm sure. He will also start learning French so it will be even better for his integration. I get along with everyone but Rafa and Marçal are different. We're still together. I play golf with Rafa and we eat together with our families. I hope they will be my friends all my life. I have been playing golf for a short time but I am as strong as Rafa who has been playing for years (laughs). "

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