Rudi Garcia on OL Access : "We will still need our supporters for the derby"

Published on 27 February 2020 at 7:00 PM
Rudi Garcia dans OL Access : « On aura encore besoin des supporters pour le derby »
OL coach Rudi Garcia was the guest on OL Access today. He discussed several topics such as yesterday's victory over Turin's Juventus, the performance of the players and the derby on Sunday.

The win against Juventus

“We are happy but we are already focused on the next game. It was a big Champions League night with a Groupama Stadium exploding with energy. This is the kind of collective feeling we are looking for. The team defeated a great European side, built to win the Champions League. But we showed an iron mentality and selflessness. The goal was to win and not concede a goal. It’s a very good result. Many players were playing their first Champions League match. We did 35 minutes on the fly in the first period. We had studied Juve well, we knew how to cause them problems. Karl Toko Ekambi was not far from scoring the opening goal at the start. We scored then and we had two very big chances. We had a very good first half. We had to work to play this match to the fullest, and trust all of the players. We were shy at first but afterwards we were pumped up. We were all very motivated. We worked on the set pieces again in the morning. They defended them well. We are at half-time of the tie and we will have to score there to hope to qualify. "


The tactical plan against Juventus

"We had to shut down the middle of the pitch and limit their link-up play. They have players capable of anything. We suffered in the last twenty minutes but we held on and that's the main thing. We were high enough up the pitch to put pressure on them. They were limited by playing on the flanks. We had to be good technically and in executing our game plan. The tactics were very well executed. Until the 70th minute we hardly suffered. Offensively then we were less good, we kept the ball less well. Anthony Lopes had almost nothing to do. In the second half we should have been better with the ball, especially in having at least one or two good counter attacks. "


The return leg against Juventus

"We will adapt for the return match. I have ideas for a game plan but we will have to think about what they can offer too. Everyone was pumped up, it's good to have set the record straight but it will be the same thing in the return. It's a chance to play this kind of game, you have to enjoy it. It is by winning of course that we will benefit the most. "


Lucas Tousart and Bruno Guimarães

“Lucas Tousart has been very good. He's used to Round of 16 goals (laughs), let's hope he does the same in the second leg. We knew that Bruno Guimarães would be ready since he had played with the Brazilian youth team. I really liked his vision and passing. "


The derby

"We need to win the derby, even though we know that the Champions League has been costly in terms of energy. We will think about the Coupe de France then but now we have to recover well. We're already preparing for the next the opponent. We saw the importance of the twelfth man yesterday. They pushed and defended with us until the end yesterday and we will still need them on Sunday. We had to win in Metz before the Champions League but also Sunday after the Champions League, in the derby to get back towards the top three. ”


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