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After OL - Juventus (1-0) : Groupama Stadium is the protagonist

Published on 27 February 2020 at 2:51 PM
Après OL - Juventus (1-0) : le Groupama Stadium comme protagoniste principal
If OL succeeded in creating a big result against Juventus (1-0), it owes as much to the team's talent as its supporters. Coming in number and very noisy, the Lyon fans were the very definition of the 12th man.

Backs to the wall in the second half, Juventus pushed very hard to get back into the match. Seeing their side drop more and more, Groupama Stadium took matters into their own hands. Fifteen minutes from time, the stadium rose as one to launch a chant of "Who does not jump" which must have resounded in Turin. No one will ever know if this is the factor that allowed OL to keep its lean and precious advantage (1-0), but this streak proves one thing: the Lyon fans know how to support their team in the most beautiful way.


With 57,335 spectators, this match saw the fifth largest attendance at Groupama Stadium since its opening, and the second largest in the Champions League behind the Round of 16 first leg last season against Barcelona (57,889) . The fans' presence was due to a prestigious opponent, but also to the love and fervor of the supporters who gave their voices from the first minute to the last. Prepared even before kick-off thanks to some sublime lighting effects, the fans raised themselves to the level of the event and their club, that a side in the knockout rounds of the Champions League.




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