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Academy : A look back on the Pelé Academia players' course

Published on 06 March 2020 at 5:00 PM
Academy : retour sur le stage des joueurs de la Pelé Academia
3 players came straight from Pelé Academia in Brazil and were present for fifteen days at the OL Academy for a refresher course as part of a partnership between the two clubs established in June 2019.

Following the "Copa Sao Paulo Junior 2020", 3 players from Resende FC joined Lyon for a placement with the U19 and National 2 teams.

Valtinho, Douglas, captain of Resende's U20 team and Igor, a striker who scored 3 goals in 3 matches in the tournament, were able to take part in training sessions with the OL youth teams.

This program will have been rich in experience, in particular allowing the youngsters to exchange ideas and receive valuable advice from Juninho, Sporting Director of OL, which will help in the rest of their career.

Some Brazilian players from the pro team including Bruno Guimarães and Thiago Mendes also wanted to greet them and wish them much success.


Photos: Damien LG - OL


This trip also enabled Sandro Sargentim, U20 coach at Resende FC, to take part in various exchanges with his Rhone counterparts as to the team's training model and the synergies between Lyon and Brazil.

Back in Brazil to start the season, Douglas, Valtinho and Igor will be keen to apply and transmit the lessons learned during their stay in Lyon.



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