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Rudi Garcia : “To prove ourselves as well”

Published on 25 February 2020 at 9:37 PM
Rudi Garcia : « Se prouver aussi à nous-mêmes »
Lyon's coach, Rudi Garcia appeared in the press room of Groupama Stadium to discuss the European match against Juventus. The press conferences can be found in full on OL Play.

A big fixture in the Round of 16

"There are only great teams in the Round of 16 of the Champions League. We thought Liverpool and Paris would win but they didn't because they played great teams. It's up to us to make the match our own. We hope that Juventus are not at 100%, so as  to beat the odds. Few people give us a chance. We have to trust in ourselves. I have no worries about the motivation of my players. This kind of match makes you want to play in a pretty incredible week. You will have to be 100%, at the top in all areas. This will be necessary to prevent Juventus from developing its attacks and to take our luck facing them. "


Juve under Sarri

“We have been studying for the past few days to find out more about this team. We have looked at the principles of the coach's game. He is quite tactically sharp. Juve as an institution is so strong that there aren't too many tactical changes according to the coaches. "


Juventus as a club

"When I arrived in Italy, I discovered this league and the institution that is Juventus. There are similarities between the two clubs, like the greatness of its presidents. Jean-Michel Aulas has also arranged for the club to own its stadium. OL’s goal is to have great seasons each year and win titles. Juventus similarly has big goals and part of their quest is to win the Champions League with the arrival of Ronaldo. This raises the level of competitiveness of this team and therefore the level of adversity. "


Cristiano Ronaldo

"We are not surprised what he does at his age. He’s a great professional. He works more than the others, before and after training sessions. It’s great for football to have players like him. We don't need an anti-Ronaldo plan as we would also need it for other players like Dybala. We will try to respond to him collectively. "


The squad's spirits

"The mood is not gloomy in the group. The players are doing well. All of this must be seen on the pitch. This week is exciting with three big matches at Groupama Stadium. The notion of playing with joy is important. It will be necessary to defend in this match but we can also take pleasure in being united, in defending together. We will have to play as a team ... We are facing another team with injuries. We want to prove to ourselves that we can do well. "


A three-man defense?

“We used a different system in Metz. We will not play in this system tomorrow. We integrated Bruno Guimaraes and it was a good system to give him a debut in ideal conditions. My players are able to flourish no matter the system in which we play. "


The context and the fans

“My president and my sports director have spoken on this subject. I don't have much to add. We were surprised because we thought the supporters were coming to cheer us on before the Champions League. "


The Coronavirus epidemic

“I am focused on the pitch. There are specialists who deal with this serious subject. A lot has been said. "


Rumors about Aouar

"It’s good to have a bit of a battle before a match like this. Houssem is with us and he is an important player in the squad. It’s in these kinds of matches that our high potential players can earn us a victory. "

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