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OL - Juventus : Sarri and Bonucci's press conference

Published on 25 February 2020 at 7:07 PM
OL - Juventus : Le point presse de Sarri et Bonucci
With Olympique Lyonnais set to face Juventus tomorrow in the Round of 16 of the Champions League, Maurizio Sarri and Leonardo Bonucci discussed the match in a press conference.

Maurizio Sarri

“The Champions League is a dream. If we manage to achieve this dream, it would be extraordinary. Without hope, we cannot have a result. OL are a technical team with a few high quality elements. We will have to perform at a very high level to obtain a result. You will have to have two good legs… Adrien Rabiot? Getting into Italian football is not easy for mental reasons. So he has had difficulties. But he works hard and his improvement is very positive. He leaves us feeling that he can always do more. He has great potential, we are confident… Cristiano is appreciated all over the world. The numbers speak for themselves. He has scored a lot lately. He lifts his team up. He is doing very well mentally and physically ... The virus is a European problem, not an Italian one. Our supporters have the right to be here. "


Leonardo Bonucci

“Juventus is really down to brass tacks and focused. We are determined and enthusiastic. We are coming off two positive matches. Tomorrow evening we will be ready for a great match against a very strong team. For myself, for Giorgio Chiellini, it's great for everyone, and the club will benefit. He is a symbol of the club and I hope we can continue to win together. Lyon is a city that has always brought me great memories. We have had big wins in both the old stadium and the new one. It's the perfect place to show that Juventus are an iconic club. We reached the Round of 16 of the Champions League with two games to spare, we are first in the league. Doing more than this is difficult, but it is a reflection of what Juventus' aims are. It's a new moment in the season that is beginning. We perceive that the energy in the locker room is different than last year. We had a less experienced team than today. We feel in training that it will be much easier for us to play together in matches. We are ready for the knockout rounds now, and today's training leaves me with good hope for tomorrow. The coach’s requests this year are different from before. The learning process continues, we are getting better with the ball. We play much more collectively rather than individually compared to last season. We started on this road, aware of the difficulties and today we can only improve. I have the opportunity to take responsibility for guiding the youngest players in the squad. We are here to achieve the best and this kind of match is part of that. "

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