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Jean-Michel Aulas : "The decisions are taken with the utmost precaution"

Published on 26 February 2020 at 9:00 AM
Jean-Michel Aulas : « Les décisions sont prises avec le maximum de précaution »
OL President Jean-Michel Aulas reacted following the decision to keep the match between OL and Juventus played under its initial conditions on Wednesday evening.

Jean-Michel Aulas


"There are no restrictions. We worked most of the evening, into the night on the requests that had been made by the Ministry of Sports and then that of Health. We worked with the regional prefect and the prefect responsible for security so that all the hypotheses and scientific analyzes were taken into account. The Prime Minister's decision was made this morning. People who did not participate in all these reflections have expressed different opinions. I regret it because when one is responsible as we are, decisions are taken with the greatest care. This is surely linked to an excess of demagoguery in an election scenario. One has to stay in control of one's nerves, one's emotions. There will be more than 57,000 supporters from Lyon and Turin and just over 2,500 employees to provide services. We must listen to what the experts in sport, health and safety say. UEFA have confirmed that the match will have no restrictions. We are happy to welcome those who want to see a very big match against Juventus. Each time, we've faced them, it's been on a knife-edge. It’s a great match for French football, OL, the region and the city of Décines. "

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