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Training on Wednesday, February 19

Published on 19 February 2020 at 12:11 PM
Entrainement du mercredi 19 février
Before the match against Metz on Friday, Lyon trained this Wednesday morning with various physical exercises on the program.
The training of the day aimed to maintain the team's physical level before the match on Friday against Metz. The players started by running around the pitch before doing sprints and jumps over obstacles. The objective was to work on their responses and accelerations after landing on the ground. Continuing in this direction, players had to slalom between barriers and then jump over more, while maintaining their rhythm and speed. Finally, lateral movement exercises were also carried out by the players before the work turned to the opponent and tactics.

For their part, the goalkeepers worked on catching balls and playing on the ground. Goalkeepeing coach Grégory Coupet also shot several times to test their reflexes on the line.