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Rudi Garcia : "Sometimes you have to know how to be less flamboyant but more efficient"

Published on 14 February 2020 at 3:43 PM
Rudi Garcia : « Parfois, il faut savoir être moins flamboyant mais efficace »
Two days before the Ligue 1 match against Strasbourg at Groupama Stadium (Sunday, 3 p.m.), OL coach Rudi Garcia spoke in a press conference.

Update on the squad

“We are going to get back the suspended players, Marcelo and Jean Lucas. There are some injury doubts, notably Lucas Tousart and Karl Toko-Ekambi. They did not train yesterday or today, we will see the situation tomorrow. Karl suffered a blow to the knee, but the doctors did not seem worried. Léo Dubois resumed training last Thursday, he is gradually finding a good physical level because he had been working a lot before rejoining the group. He has to find his sense of play and a certain rhythm, which always takes a little time when one returns from an injury. I don't know exactly when he will be back. "


Bruno Guimaraes

“He is hoping to be in the squad on Sunday. I need to see if he can understand his tactical role as a midfielder at OL. I have to check it all out in training and on video. One thing is certain, the Brazilian league is not the same as that of France. He started the season not too long ago and is fresh. He only had to deal with jet lag but he looks very good now. The idea is to make the most fair and objective decisions possible. More than in the squad, he must find his place in the team game. "


Strasbourg and the next few matches

"I think the best thing to do is to win the next game, especially since we didn't win the last one. It's mathematical, you just have to look at the teams capable of making a run of good results. In such a tight league, it is thus possible to move up very quickly in the event of a series of victories. Strasbourg are a solid, athletic, aggressive team. You will have to be able, four days after a big match, to maintain a sufficient tactical, technical, and physical level to beat Strasbourg. The priority is Ligue 1 with the match against Strasbourg, the big matches which are still to come must not interfere. We have been playing every three days since December. Let’s not be surprised that there are great players on the sidelines. "


Difficulties at home

"Even though we have one of the best defenses in the championship, I think we concede too many goals and we don't score enough at Groupama Stadium. We have dropped 18 points at home having conceded just six goals. When we don't know how to win matches, we must at least earn a draw. I hope we have made progress on this. In any case, it’s hard to play with style in every match playing every three days. "


The role of Marcelo

"It was good that Marcelo came to speak to explain his point of view on the events, it was not easy for him. The most important thing is that everything is good. Since Bordeaux, the situation has improved. Since we are not rich in central defenders, it's good to be able to count on Marcelo being 100%. This is a matter of a personal level of grinta, it has always been important for the group. He is the example I have in mind when I speak of intensity and self-sacrifice to group. This is a concrete example of what to do in terms of healthy aggression and the group needs that. Joachim Andersen is coming back too. On Wednesday, he was one of the few to find flaws in the opposition with his play, notably by often finding Karl Toko-Ekambi. I count on each of my players and I want them to be in the best possible state of mind. We all have to help each other. "


Houssem Aouar

"His match on Wednesday satisfied me. He scored after a very nice bit of collective play. He has worked very well, his stats show that he has won a lot of balls. This proves that the players put themselves in the service of the team against the second-placed side in the championship. We felt that we were not particularly in trouble and that the situation was going to end in our favor. We both talked a lot. Now that I know him better, I have shown him the path to the improvements I expect from him. I expect him to become much more consistent. By playing every three days, it is normal that there are sometimes drops in his level of play. The players are intelligent, they understand that they have to manage their playing time. He is on the right track in relation to that. With our two major attacking absentees, many situations will be resolved by Houssem. "


The team's style of play

“There have been good matches in terms of the way we've played, especially in Nantes and Bordeaux. I’m the first to say that we will win more games by playing well and that the fans are happier like that, but we are fighting on four fronts and sometimes you have to manage your efforts by rotating the squad. Sometimes you have to know how to be less flamboyant but more effective. I hope that on Sunday we will win by playing beautifully. If we do not succeed, it will still be necessary to record all three points, this is the most important thing. "


Watch all of Rudi Garcia's press conference before OL-Strasbourg on OLPLAY : here


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