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Marcelo : "My goal is to take Lyon as far as possible"

Published on 14 February 2020 at 2:33 PM
Marcelo : "Mon objectif est de conduire Lyon au meilleur endroit possible"
Before the match against Strasbourg on Sunday, Marcelo gave a press conference to discuss the 25th matchday of Ligue 1 Conforama.

Coupe de France

"It's nice to have qualified against Marseille. Lyon are a great team. We are going to play against PSG in the semi-finals, it will be the third time this season. Beating them will be very important, it will be a matter of revenge, but above all, we want to go to the Coupe de France final. For me, playing in Lyon or Paris is the same, it will be a difficult match, I hope we will win this meeting. "


The team's struggles in the league

"We are playing in four different competitions so it's difficult to always be good. The league is very important, we want to finish on the podium. Whether it's the players or the staff, everyone is focused on that. It's hard to explain why we play less well at home. I think like I said before that, we had played a succession of matches in which we played well. What is difficult is to maintain a certain rhythm. The team is gradually building this up. We change according to the opponents too. We cannot always be attacking 100% of the time; we are obviously looking to improve."



"We have to win to get closer to the podium. After we are going to play Metz, we will also have to win. Lyon need to win all the matches. I think that 3rd place is possible if we can put together a series of 4-5 wins. "

His own point of view on the season

"I think I have grown as a player and as a person. I have learned a lot about dealing with difficult situations that everyone can face in life. I grew as a human, as a father, and as a child, and even as a player. Sometimes things do not go well, but right now I’m good and I am living well. I want to make the most of these great moments because they  don't always last. When it’s not going well you have to persevere. "


His reconciliation with the supporters

"For a long time I have thought about a lot. I am a Christian and Christianity teaches us to forgive even when we are not guilty. When we forgive, we close the door to all evils and all bad things The reconciliation wasn't something that had been prepared. I have been happy since. The supporters know that I am devoted and that I respect them. I work every day for the club and who knows, in a while we will can possibly celebrate a title together. My goal today is to take Lyon as far as possible. If one day I have to leave, I will leave but for now I have a contract that I intend to honor and I want to make the most at this great club. The gesture that I made to the supporters does not represent me, it was not the real Marcelo. There were children in the stadium as well so I apologize once again to the fans. Everyone makes mistakes and that was the case for me."


His performances since the reconciliation

"That day I closed a door. I left all the negatives behind me. Everything became natural and my level of performance returned. From there the mind and the body have been connected and inevitably I am better."

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