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Juninho presents the profile of Bruno Guimaraes

Published on 13 February 2020 at 11:09 AM
Juninho présente le profil de Bruno Guimaraes
OL's sporting director Juninho spoke at a press conference to discuss the profile of Bruno Guimaraes, the new Brazilian recruit. The entire press conference can be found on OL Play.


"I was a consultant in Brazil when I first saw him. I was impressed by his qualities. When I got to OL signing him was a priority for me but we couldn't get him to come. He had futsal training. I like this type of player. I think we need to progress further in controlling the game, mastering it. This is why I asked the president to consider his profile. He will clean up in certain situations. He's a complete midfielder. He sees things before others. He takes risks. It’s the kind of profile that we don’t have. It's not easy to arrive mid-season. You can never know for sure about a player's adaptation, it's football. At first he will be missing the rhythms of play, but he will grow into the competition; he has a lot of personality, self-confidence. In my opinion, he is ready and he will be able to answer the bell. He will be able to communicate with the other Brazilians. "