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Bruno Guimarães : "I already feel at home"

Published on 13 February 2020 at 9:54 AM
Bruno Guimarães : « Je me sens déjà comme à la maison »
Bruno Guimarães gave a press conference this morning alongside Jean-Michel Aulas and Juninho at his official presentation. He notably mentioned his choice to come to the club, his profile and his footballing points of reference.

Bruno Guimarães

His choice to come to OL

"First of all, hello. I apologize for not yet speaking French but I will do everything to learn to speak this beautiful language quickly. It was a difficult decision because a lot of clubs wanted me but now I am with Lyon and I will do everything to integrate quickly. Juninho is responsible for my decision. He called my family and my agents. He was sincere and loyal. He has offered me a really nice career path. This is what made me want to come to Olympique Lyonnais. Indeed, I have a Spanish passport so I could have chosen La Liga, I could have chosen Benfica or Atlético Madrid, I thank them for their interest. But here I already feel at home, I am delighted with my choice. "


His profile

"I am great in possession, I like to help the team. I can play both offensively and defensively. I’ve watched a lot of Ligue 1 matches in Brazil. It will be difficult because there is a lot of pressure but I will do everything to succeed in France. There is a lot of enthusiasm around me. The supporters have taken over my social networks and I thank them for this. If the coach decides to put me on the pitch as soon as Sunday, of course I will be ready. "


His presence at OL-OM

"I attended the match last night. I enjoyed watching it. There are many different things from what I am used to. I need to talk to the manager to see how I'm going to adapt to the system. Yesterday during training, I was with many Brazilians who have already helped me with my adaptation. "


His footballing points of reference

"If we talk about the past I would say Ronaldinho and Zidane but today I think of Kroos and Pogba, who is French, in particular. "


Jean-Michel Aulas

“I thank Juninho who was the cornerstone of the negotiations. It takes relationships, know-how, and a Brazilian sensitivity and we are well supplied on that side. I welcome Bruno. It’s a case that has been complicated because he’s a very big player for the future. It was an important operation. We decided to do our best in the winter transfer window and we did. For that, it was necessary to have financial power. To be good at the sporting level, you have to be very good at the economic level. Bruno signed a four and a half year contract. He is the seventh Brazilian in the squad, the 21st since 1950. We will continue to work well… OL is the only French club with PSG to be still fighting on all fronts, as is the case for the women and the U19s with the Youth League and the Gambardella. We can still improve and that's why Bruno is here ... For the Olympics, we will be pragmatic. We will listen to the desires of players. We will always be open to listen to their wishes. "

Watch Bruno Guimarães' press conference in full on OL Play here

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