Amine Gouiri on OL Access : "Become an undisputed starter"

Published on 13 February 2020 at 7:00 PM
Amine Gouiri dans OL Access : "Devenir un titulaire indiscutable de l'OL"
Amine Gouiri was the evening's guest on OL Access and discussed several subjects including his teammates, his career and his participation in the Youth League. The show can be seen in full on OL Play.

Bruno Guimarães

I think Guimarães is a very good player, who will strengthen our midfield, which was a little bit below par at the moment. He is the captain in his youth national team, so it is very positive for us. Juninho, he was an idol in my youth, I saw him scoring free kicks. Now that he’s the sporting director it’s great for us, even if we didn’t realize it too much at the start. He always hugs us and always encourages us, he is very important to the team.



We saw the first half at the airport when were leaving Zaragoza on the phone but after that I saw the images of the second half. It’s a great qualification. Everyone from the club was watching the Youth League match yesterday, the players of the pro team could see my two goals so with qualification against Marseille afterwards, it was a perfect evening.


Maxence Caqueret

It’s good to see Maxence (Caqueret) perform like this, I hope he will continue to be as effective.


Youth League

It’s always great to score and help the team to have qualified. We are going on to the Round of 16; it is really fun especially since we were playing against the champion of Spain. By finishing second in our group we had to go through the play-off which requires playing against a champion. We had started poorly but our goals then made the opponents have some doubts. Then at the end we soldifed our performance. The joy at the end was great, these are moments we will never forget. For the draw I want Real Madrid or Juventus but I will take whatever happens.


Playing in the Youth League then in the Champions League

I was in the pros hotel and then I was called to play in the Youth League. I played 45 minutes and at half time I was told to come back with the pros to play in the Champions League at night because there was an injury. I think I’m the only player in history to do that (laughs).


His journey

OL was the club to join; I have been here since childhood and I was a supporter. I was more than happy to join Olympique Lyonnais. The year playing for the U16 side, and when I was upgraded to U17, I had trained with the pros and it was then that things started to go well for me. I was selected for the French youth team and I continued. I’ve played two World Cups with the youth internationals, I have scored a lot of goals and I have been well publicized in these competitions. It was really a plus for me. My ligament injury has been a test but I came back stronger. It was coming back from Euro U19, I got injured during the warm-ups. I mentally reset myself; I knew it was over for six months, but I gave everything to come back and today everything is fine for me.


His objectives

I want to have as much playing time as possible this season and start scoring goals. And in the long term becoming a regular starter for OL and especially winning Ligue 1 because it's been a long time since that has been the case.

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