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Maxwel Cornet : "There is only one Olympique, and that's Lyon"

Published on 11 February 2020 at 3:31 PM
Maxwel Cornet : "Il n’y a qu’un seul Olympique, c’est celui de Lyon"
On the eve of the clash between Olympique Lyonnais and Marseille, Maxwel Cornet spoke to a press conference to discuss various subjects such as his physical condition, the match against OM and his versatility.

Medical update

I was sick but am much better now that I was able to recover. I was sick with the flu. I was frustrated with not being with my teammates, but I couldn't help it. I'm going to see how it goes in training today.



His polyvalence

It’s one more string in my bow. This is a position that I appreciate more and more. It doesn't change my habits so much except that I'm starting from deeper on the pitch. You have to be smart on the counter. The injuries have made me find myself in this position but I have adapted to the needs of the coach. I don’t have the tactical nous yet to be a full-fledged defender yet but I try to work on it on a daily basis. I take a lot of advice from Claudio Caçapa, Jason Denayer and Marcelo. I work a lot with video too, but the biggest part of the work is on the pitch. You know that when you are a defender and you make an attacking move, you will have to come back into position. There is a lot of information to take in and I try to do it,  especially on offside. Jason (Denayer) helps me a lot during the matches. I look a lot at other fullbacks, in particular Jordi Alba, to try to pick up on a few little things.


Free kicks

We realize that we are not efficient enough. The coach would like us to progress in this area. Especially since we have big players who can make a difference. We have to show more desire to succeed in this phase of the game.



We are competitors so we always want to be as high as possible in the standings. We are being forced to make up ground having not had an exceptional start to the league season. We only have two defeats in 2020, Nice and Paris. We must continue to work hard, without being discouraged, because we know we have the ability to challenge the top three. This is a match that will allow us to pick up our heads and show that we have the ability to beat the big teams in the league. I am a Lyon player and there is only one Olympique, that of Lyon.


Dimitri Payet

Payet is an important part of their team. He takes his role as captain seriously by leading his club. It's up to us to cause them problems, Dimitri Payet or not, we have to show them that we are better than them.


Joachim Andersen

He's a quality player who does us a lot of good when he plays. We blame him for mistakes but these are things that happen. He's still a man and everyone makes mistakes. He has the qualities to help us. I don't see him as being sad, he laughs with us. He would like to be on the pitch like any footballer. He works a lot in training to show that he deserves his place.


Bouna Sarr

I was laughing at him when I saw that he had changed positions. I thought it was coach Garcia who changed his position like me (laughs). He may be my direct opponent tomorrow as well so it will be a challenge as he is also a childhood friend.

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