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Jean-Michel Aulas : « We could have come back »

Published on 10 February 2020 at 11:45 AM
Jean-Michel Aulas avant OL - OM : « Avoir les encouragements des supporters »
The OL president spoke after Lyon's defeat at the Parc des Princes.

The loss at the Parc

"It's a weird match. We could have lost by a bigger margin and it also feels like we could have come back and even won it. It sticks in my throat, this action on Moussa. There are rules. In the first half, we were too high up the pitch and we got into trouble. We put PSG in trouble afterwards. The third goal that Moussa could have scored ... it was all very close. There is still a big difference between PSG and OL. We could have been more successful, but we have to take things as they come. "


The podium as a goal?

“We have to get back onto the podium. We must not bow ours heads; we have the encouragement of the supporters. The press says things that are not reality. We must mobilize. There is a big match on Wednesday. Tonight’s match shows that we’re not far from being the best in a given game. We must not fall into this media paranoia and we must support the players. We had seven absentees tonight and no one noticed it, unlike the four from PSG. The media must reconsider. "


The big match against OM at Groupama Stadium Wednesday

“The Cup is the priority at the moment. OM are very successful, unlike us. We still have this first leg match to consider, with the dangerous events at the Vélodrome. We were attacked. On the pitch, it was not brilliant either. We wonder why the League is playing this kind of game, as there can be incidents such as we saw in Saint-Etienne during the week. There have also been errors in refereeing and VAR. So we hope that Wednesday’s match will not be like the last one. "



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