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Anthony Lopes :"We must not fall behind too quickly"

Published on 07 February 2020 at 3:00 PM
Anthony Lopes : « Il ne faut pas nous enterrer trop vite »
Two days before the big match which will see OL go to the Parc des Princes to face Paris Saint-Germain, the Portuguese goalkeeper spoke to the press.

The match against Amiens

“We are quite clear about our performance. There were much simpler things that could have been done on the pitch. We know that on Sunday we will not have many chances and we will have to put them away. Against Amiens, we know in what area we have lacked. We lost two points at home to a team threatened by relegation. We were also disappointed with our performance. We understand the feelings of the supporters, especially at a financial level . The season is still long, there are a lot of big matches to play and we will be chasing after the championship. "


The match against PSG

“We are in a period where we have to collect a lot of points to reach our end-of-season goals. It will be necessary to approach this match from the first twenty minutes. We must not give them back the ball too easily, it has hurt us in the past. I hope that we will all have this desire to get a result against PSG in its stadium. It would be ideal to get three points but, above all, to restart the season with a big win. We are preparing for this match like the others. I now have a lot of experience and I have to build on it, like some of my teammates. We sometimes conceded a few bad results, like last season, and we will try to do better. We will go to Paris ready for battle. We have to draw inspiration from the teams that went to play with them at home, but we will also have to play as we know how to be able to bring back one or more points. PSG are a steamroller but if we play the perfect match, we can bring something back. "


Rayan Cherki

"He is only 16 years old. He needs to gain maximum experience, to work hard in training. He must continue to be good when called upon and must prove that he has the strength to blend in with this team. We do not expect him to be a savior, even if he has already proven his worth, as at Nantes for example. We expect a lot from a player of his talent but we will have to give him time to grow. We know the quality he has with the ball at his feet, in front of the goal. He will become an important player in this club. It's up to him to continue and to continue to show a good mentality. "


The end of the league season

"The podium will always be a goal as long as it is mathematically achievable. There are still a lot of matches, we must not fall behind too quickly. It will be up to us to show the true face of Olympique Lyonnais, by stringing the victories together. Only the future will tell us if we finish on the podium, but we will do everything in our power to get there. In the past, we have often been able to go up the table during the final sprint. It is up to the group leaders to motivate the others to finish strong and get back to a position on the podium which would open the doors to the Champions League. "


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