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Rudi Garcia : "Have desire in any circumstance"

Published on 04 February 2020 at 4:09 PM
Rudi Garcia : « Avoir faim en toute circonstance »
Coach Rudi Garcia spoke to a press conference to answer questions from journalists; watch in full on OL Play.

Medical update

"I think Anthony Lopes and Martin Terrier will be in the group. This is a good thing. If Anthony is fit, he will play. Martin has a lot of desire. He has worked hard. We must reassure him that he can make the most of his efforts. He's a smart boy, he knows everything is fine. Marçal and Rafael are suspended. "


A change in tactics?

“We will find solutions for tomorrow for the full back positions. The important thing is to pose challenges to the opponent. We have worked to make the team a hybrid in this regard; Maxwel Cornet has replaced Marçal in his absence. We have other advantages ahead. "


The fixture list

“We will have enough to recover for Sunday after Amiens. We thought we would be at ease in Nice, but we didn't take advantage of it. The team's mental state is very influential on what we do on the pitch. Nice was more hungry, had more desire. I continue to focus on using the squad. "


The loss to Nice

"We don't have time to mourn. This forces us even more to get three points against Amiens. We have no other choice. One shouldn't look over one's shoulder. You have to be hungry at all times. You shouldn't think that you can win without making an effort. There was bad luck on Nice's goal. We were able to come back despite being a man down. And we let things slip in the second half. You have to be thorough no matter the opponent. The table shows that we have no margin for error; I hope we learned from that. "



“They have good players. They are in a difficult part of their season. It’s a match where it’s in your best interest to respect your opponent. I hope that what we experienced in Nice has served us well. We are going to have a lot of home matches and we will have to draw on those to hope to return to the podium. "


Thiago Mendes

“Anyone can play, everyone can be on the bench. He has delivered average performances and I was the first to say it. Thiago is very often the player who runs the most and makes the most defensive efforts when the ball is with the opposition. There are positive things. More is expected of a player who is considered to be the most talented. He must be able to adapt. Time is running out and the pace of the matches is fast. Anyone can have ups and downs. I am also thinking of Maxence Caqueret. The player who is fit is Lucas Tousart, luckily we kept him. And Jean Lucas is doing well. Our midfielders must have the capacity to light up the game ... The press release? The institution defends its players. That's the essential thing. We leave the players at the end of training and we don't follow them. We trust the professionalism of the players. A player who is not a professional can only last for a while. It is no longer possible to perform well afterwards. He leaves the team alone. For the moment, we trust Thiago when he says that he works hard as a model professional. I prefer to believe that rather than trust the fake news that can be found on the net. "


Watch Rudi Garcia and Lucas Tousart's press conferences in full on OLTV and OL Play here

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