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Jason Denayer : "We must all pull in the same direction"

Published on 24 January 2020 at 2:00 PM
Jason Denayer : « Nous devons tous tirer dans le même sens »
Two days before the Ligue 1 Conforama match against Toulouse FC at Groupama Stadium this Sunday at 3 p.m., Belgian OL defender Jason Denayer spoke to the press.

The group's mood

“We are in a very positive period. The important thing is to continue the winning streak to maintain this good atmosphere. When you win, everything goes well. There is much less focus on our faults, we find it easier to find solutions. It’s much easier to live with. Each player wants to play. The group rotates a lot, it's a plus for the morale of the team. We have had a better run of form since the start of the year. We are increasingly assimilating the coach's desires and we are progressing tactically, this is a good omen. We had to rework the squad. We relied a lot on individual quality and we absolutely had to improve to progress from a collective point of view. If the ball finds the goal, it means that it has passed through all of the parts of the team on the pitch. We all have to pull in the same direction. "


The match against Toulouse

“The match against Toulouse is very important. We have to go back up the table as quickly as possible and for that, you will have to win all the matches. The ambition of the players and that of the club are the same. If we want to play in the Champions League next year, we will have to finish on the podium so every game is important. They will have to be taken one after the other. "


The poor results at home

“Just like our first match in the championship, our 18th place in the home table is difficult to explain. We have to turn the tide. If we keep going, the results will be much better. Once again, we must remain in this good phase. Knowing that we were in a  battle with the supporters was not easy. It’s always better to feel the support of your fans, who will help us a lot during this second part of the season. "


His role as captain

"I will continue to be myself, to say what I have to say, as I have since I arrived in Lyon. This role of provisional captain does not change much about me. The loss of the armband was not a difficult moment for me. I respect the coach's vision and his desire to see Memphis as captain. Personally, this role gives me no pressure, even if the results did not follow. "


Karl Toko-Ekambi

"We've only had one training with Karl Toko-Ekambi. He seems to be a very respectful person. As a player, he knows Ligue 1 and has great experience. He can help us a lot. "


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