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Rudi Garcia : "We're going to Nantes to advance"

Published on 16 January 2020 at 1:30 PM
Rudi Garcia : « Nous irons à Nantes pour nous qualifier »
Two days before the Round of 32 of the Coupe de France, to be played at La Beaujoire against Nantes (20.55), OL coach Rudi Garcia spoke at a press conference.

Medical update

"Aside from the five major injuries, everyone should be available for tomorrow's training and Saturday's game. The only one missing will be Maxence Caqueret, who is suspended, but we can still play in the same tactical system. ”


The match against Nantes

“We play all the matches to win them. We will go to Nantes to advance, even if it will not be easy. We hope not to go into extra time because we will play again only three days later. For the players' physical integrity and for the quality of play, this schedule is really an issue. Whether Nantes perform well at home or not, it doesn't matter, we have to go there to win. They are a successful team, fourth in the league and with a very experienced coach. We have a lot of enthusiasm, the players know that we need to maintain this positive dynamic and this will only be possible by going for qualification. Everyone has a chance to start. Without Maxence Caqueret, we have three positions in midfield, which leaves room for Jean Lucas. I think he’s ready, like all of my players. Compared to Lucas Tousart and Thiago Mendes, he is the most offensively-minded and should be used as effectively as possible. "


The fullbacks

Fernando Marçal is coming back well. If we manage him well, he should continue to provide us with a lot of playing time. We are in less of a hurry in these positions thanks to Kenny Tete and Rafael who are versatile. In today's football, a lot of action develops on the wings and that is why Maxwel Cornet is so interesting at left back. He is able to make repeated runs, to be precise offensively ... He is a player who gives us a lot of tactical options. Whether as a fullback or in a more advanced position on the pitch, he provides a great defensive work ethic that helps the team. "


The squad's progress

"Maxwel Cornet scored in Bordeaux, Martin Terrier in the Coupe de France, Bertrand Traoré scored twice before the break, Houssem Aouar and Jean Lucas can also score ... Danger can come from everywhere and should not depend solely on the performance of Moussa Dembélé. The faster play seen lately represents my philosophy. There has been a lot of progress in this area, as well as in that of solidarity. Each player plays for the rest of the group and that of course makes our task easier. "


Joachim Andersen

"It’s important to know your players well. As I pointed out after Joachim Andersen’s match in Bordeaux, everyone can make a mistake. However, raising your head is not always within the grasp of a player new to the team. As with all players, there is sometimes a specific job to do on an athletic or technical level. Every player needs the trust of their coach and he has it. He needs to adapt. It’s a new league for him. Serie A is more tactical, with defenses much more protected than in France. A player is never better than when he is confident. It’s our job to give confidence to Joachim Andersen so that he can provide top-notch play, as against Benfica, and not only because of his goal. "


The physical tests in the week

“Physical tests have shown that we are in good shape. On one of the tests, which shows how the players are able to withstand heavy workloads, there is a 50% gain compared to my arrival, which is very positive. "


The transfer window

"For me, there was never any question of a departure by Marcelo. In Bordeaux, we won more than one game. Seeing him reconcile with our supporters is very positive, it can boost his spirits. We will need the support of our fans for the upcoming fixtures. I dreamed of a reconciliation for him but the conditions must still be met on the pitch. It was an initiative of Marcelo's and I really liked it. Against Bordeaux, the choice not to start Lucas Tousart was purely tactical, everything is fine for him. He is under contract with us, the president has spoken on this subject. I think we will finish the month at least with this squad, if it has not improved by then. "


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