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Rayan Cherki on OL Access : "I want to be a part of the club's history"

Published on 09 January 2020 at 7:00 PM
Rayan Cherki dans OL Access : « Je veux rentrer dans l'histoire du club »
Rayan Cherki was a guest on OLTV to discuss various subjects including his place in the squad, his precocity and his beginnings in football. The entire show can be found on OL Play.

His place in the club

"I have had more and more playing time, it's fun, I'm more and more with my teammates. It feels good to play at home, we feel good on our own pitch. I feel better and better with my teammates. I have needed a little time to play like I am used to doing but it will come. As a competitor I don't like being on the sidelines but those are the choices of the coach; when I come on I know what I have to do. I like to play anywhere as long as the coach gives me a chance, even as a central defender (laughs) No, but as a number 10 I think that's where I am the best. "


His precocious development

"I did not expect to score in this match (vs Bourg-Péronnas in the Coupe de France) as it was the 90th minute, but fortune smiled on me and to score this goal is a good thing. Having this reception from the crowd, that was a real moment of happiness for me. I knew I was going to beat the record for youngest scorer; I look at those records because it gives me strength and makes me want to fight. I want to have the records and go back into the history of the club so that nobody can take them off of me. I work more every day than the others to reach my goals. I am a little brooding towards everyone but my family makes me keep my head on my shoulders and this is the most important thing for me. Tactically I sometimes have trouble in the final third, but over time I will be able to let go more like I did in N2 in particular. I can't yet do certain things with the pros. "


His beginnings in football

"My two big brothers were into soccer and one day one of my brothers had a game at the Gerland playground. My father parked in the parking lot, I started to juggle and run and Gérard Bonneau (OL's former recruiter) crossed paths with me and told me that I have a 95% chance of returning to OL with what I had just done. The following Wednesday, I was at the trials. Our father transmitted this passion and this way of life to us. Football is a religion for us and I thank him for it every day. I have a technical side but it’s my competitive side, always wanting to be first that allowed me to make a difference with I was injured in the U14 for a year and that hardened me because I realized that football was not just for fun and everything could be lost quickly. "


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