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Rudi Garcia : "The possibility of winning a trophy drives us on."

Published on 06 January 2020 at 3:00 PM
Rudi Garcia : « Il faut que la possibilité de gagner un trophée nous anime »
Two days before the quarterfinal of the Coupe de la Ligue against Brest at Groupama Stadium, the Lyon manager spoke at a press conference.

The match against Bourg-Péronnas

"The pressing of Bourg-Péronnas bothered us a lot, but we sometimes made it easier for them. When we had the ball, we often lost it through mistakes. We still managed to be technically intelligent enough to come back. There were some bad choices, a lack of speed in decision-making… But we cannot beat a team 7-0 if there are no positive elements. There is plenty of satisfaction to be had but the fact that we have applied ourselves is the most important. We played the whole game, even when we were several goals ahead. We have to continue like this, with a lot of application and hard work. Without insulting Bourg, they are only a National team. Now comes an opponent of a higher level. There will be no added time against Brest so we will have to win the match in 90 minutes. As Ciprian (Tatarusanu) said, we need to be able to win a trophy. "


The match against Brest

“We are going to have back Bertrand Traoré who was suspended. For others, they should be fine. We have no other absences for Wednesday’s game. Brest's match on Sunday can affect the outcome because it lasted 120 minutes, but especially with their elimination which could weigh on their minds. This is the idea of rotation, we have to try to give everyone time to play, that's why I took off a lot of players early on Saturday. Against Brest, Ciprian will play and Bertrand will be back, which will bring even more freshness to the squad. "


The benefits of the break

“The break did us well, physically of course, but also mentally. We absolutely must continue the physical preparation that we started at the beginning of the month. It’s important to win matches; only victories will give us confidence. This team needs to have a physical base to last through a long season. We will have to be good until the end of May, not only during these matches after the break. The main thing is that the level of this team is maintained and that it continues to maintain its intensity. The players are putting everything into practice and the break has taken much of the sting out of this hellish streak of games before the break. You have to listen to everyone and watch the behavior of the players. Statistical analysis of training is also used for this, to assess the physical level of each. "


The tactical system

“We will use a system that will allow us to win. During the break, we worked a lot on a system with three central midfielders to be able to be ready to play in any arrangement. We had already started before the break with the move of Maxwel Cornet to left back. With Youssouf Koné absent, he will have to help us out again. This kind of system could be useful during the match. Bordeaux plays in this system, Brest have already done so. It’s important to be able to be tactically flexible. "


The winter transfer window

“I trust Florian Maurice and Juninho in the transfer window. If there are opportunities that add value to the squad, then why not? If there are not, we will have to deal with it. I am quite pragmatic about this. This January transfer window is complicated. With the players available, solutions have to be found, hence this new position for Maxwel. The arrival of a midfielder has never been the priority. Above all, we have to recruit in attack because of our two injured players. We will take up a move for a midfielder if the opportunity presents itself, but Maxence (Caqueret) and Jean (Lucas) give us satisfaction for the moment. Maxence can bring us a lot, especially technically. He scored, had an assist and was active on Saturday in a three-man midfield that fits him like a glove. He's a player who can help us a lot. He has yet to follow on this in the league, it was only Round of 64 cup match but he has impressed for some time now. Jean Lucas played against Toulouse, these are our solutions for midfield. "


Rayan Cherki

"Rayan Cherki has a strong ability to beat players but uses it too much and not especially wisely. He is still very young, it is obviously perfectible. He is the youngest player in history to have scored for the club. We have to be careful with our young players, that's why we protect him a lot, especially in the media aspect of things. He is fairly quiet, but he must be aware that he still has huge room for improvement. The good thing about him is that he listens. If he continues like this, he will be able to go as high as possible. "


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