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Rudi Garcia : "Give everything we have left"

Published on 20 December 2019 at 2:47 PM
Rudi Garcia : « Donner tout ce qu’il nous reste »
The Lyon coach followed Kenny Tete in answering questions from journalists. The full press conference can be found on OL Play.

Medical update

"He will miss Marçal in addition to the four players who have had operations ... Jeff Reine-Adelaide called me right after the operation. He was in good voice and he came out of the hospital. He's in high spirits ... I hope we can have Rafael back soon as well. "


The trip to Reims

"We must gather our last bits of energy, we must give all that we have left. We will have fresh blood, it will be interesting. Reims are a difficult team to face; they defend well, especially at home. They are super solid; they play well as a unit. We’re one of the best away teams so we have to build on that too. "


The win against Toulouse

“The best remedy is victory. We found our smile again. The players were satisfied with the victory. We also saw everything we had to work on, like the losing possession. This will not be forgiven against Reims. We have to be even smarter, have more concentration and keep playing our game. Players can do what they want if it's effective. We're going to play the quarterfinal at home so that's a good thing. The atmosphere was good on Wednesday evening. Marcelo was applauded and the young players brought out some enthusiasm. "


The winter transfer window

"I say nothing on this subject. My strategy is to tell my players who will play tomorrow that I am counting on them, rather than talking about the transfer window. I'm happy with the squad. Despite the injuries, we have solutions and we showed it on Wednesday. There are positions with less depth and we have to think about that… ”


The leadership

“Some players must step into these vacancies in leadership. We need leaders right now to motivate the troops. Let’s trust those we have so that the staff doesn’t have to do that. The players have expressed themselves, and spoken. It may take a while for some to assert themselves. "


Cornet at left back

"He has everything necessary to play in this position. He can bring speed, crossing ability ... and he works for the team. It’s easy for him to play in defence. There are certain things to corrected in the risks that are taken and the choices made. He can bring something to a defense in a three or even a four. "


Competition in midfield

"I hope that there is. This is something which raises the level for this part of the team. Jean Lucas was good at pressing opponents and quite clever in his use of the ball. He’s young, and it’s his first start. He played with personality. He is well supervised with all of the Brazilians around him. "

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