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Rudi Garcia : "Do much better throughout the game"

Published on 13 December 2019 at 1:03 PM
Rudi Garcia : « Faire beaucoup mieux dans le jeu »
The Lyon coach came to the press room to answer questions from journalists. His press conference can be found in full on OL Play.

Medical update

“Marçal will be absent. He has a minor muscular problem in his calf. For the others, they should be fine. Rafael is fine. It was very interesting Tuesday. "


Tuesday evening against Leipzig

“We have to be positive, proud of this qualification. Being among the top 16 teams is no small feat. There has to be pride in this. The events after the match were much talked about. Our leaders have spoken. Why do you want to waste energy and time talking about this? I have a game to prepare for and I don't have time for that. We talked about it with the players during the debrief. We must now prepare very seriously for Rennes. Everyone took advantage of the rest day to see their family. "


The relationship with the supporters

"I asked my players to go see the supporters, it was something spontaneous. We had to take a step forward. I thought it was a good idea. The Virage Nord turned its back on us and the players suffered from that. You have to improve the relationship. The atmosphere was fantastic in the second half. Everyone worked together at the same time. This allowed us to equalize. It could have been a party but it didn't happen like that. I hope it will be a moment of bad that can allow us to come good. "


The situation with Marcelo

"Marcelo is responsible only for himself. He explained himself to us internally. We can't afford to leave someone by the roadside. All players are very important. I already have problems so I'm not going to invent others. He suffers. It’s terrible for him, his family was in the stands. His gesture? Even if the reactions are human, not everyone is flawless. "


The match against Rennes

"We want to win this game because we are not where we want to be. If we do, we can grab a few places. It’s a great team. We want to continue. We must surf this qualification to improve our level of confidence and our level of requirement. The second period against Leipzig can help us. "



"He was the one who ran the most on Tuesday. He always showed that he could be a potential captain. He has always been generous with and also without the ball. He was exceptional, he gave a lot even if he did not succeed every time. He takes risks. In the post-match, he was a real captain. "


Anthony Lopes

"He is a leader. He spoke the day after the match to say that he was part of the group and that he was doing everything to make it better. "


Consistency within matches

“We can do much better. We have to be more consistent in each match. We had complete matches and we have to build from them. We have to recover little by little from the poor start to the season. There is talent in all area but their mentality is important. "


La célébration de Bernard Lacombe

“We are going to celebrate Bernard Lacombe. He's a great man. I remember his fastest goal in the World Cup. It has to be a nice affair. We have to be able to offer a victory. "


Find the complete press conference on OLPLAY





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