Anthony Lopes : "Have a the mentality of warrior, a fighter"

Published on 05 December 2019 at 4:02 PM
Anthony Lopes : « Avoir une mentalité de guerrier, de combattant »
In the run-up to the match against Nîmes, Anthony Lopes spoke to a press conference to answer journalists' questions. Find all of his comments on OL PLAY.

The loss to Lille

"The only cure is victory. There is nothing else to do but win. We must come back as quickly as possible. We know where we lost the match. We must keep this state of mind, a fighting spirit. There are a lot of things to rectify, to work on. We must also keep in mind other, more successful things. We all learn from these mistakes. We must look forward. In the game, we are playing well, but only victory interests me. It is also difficult to find stability with the number of injuries, the busy schedule of matches. We had a lot of mishaps. "


The spirit in the squad

"Everyone is frustrated by this situation, which should not be something to which we are subject. We all want to bounce back against Nîmes. We're going to have a big match on Friday because we know what to expect. We will have time to think about the Champions League next. There is not a lack of confidence. There are many positive things that come out of the squad. The result of Lille hurts us but it doesn't necessarily follow that confidence departs as a result. "


His current spirit

"I do not like to see my club in this situation. I like to see it at the top, when we can fulfill our goals. That's what makes me happy. The club is a big part of me so I am affected. I only think of victory, no matter how ... I was lucky enough to play with a lot of friends when I started. It is up to us, those who are club-trained, to show what the club's identity is. "


Finding urgency?

"We have to bounce back as fast as we can. We must go get the win on Friday. We must have a fighting mentality, like a warrior. We have to put ourselves in the mentality that we must win every game. Everyone knows and feels this need. We play every three days, it's a rock and roll period. The body takes a hit. "


His start to the seaon

" It is average. I am very demanding of myself. I hope to be at full power as soon as possible. I'll get back to what I can do. My mistake in Benfica? I had trouble digesting it and the consequences of the result. It's up to me to try to catch up. "


Central defence

"Not having a fixed defensive partnership is not a problem for me. We must not forget that Marcelo is part of OL. He defends our colors and he tries to be as good as possible for the club. We do not control everything outside the pitch. He is very intelligent and has incredible mental strength. This situation does not necessarily affect him. "


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