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Rudi Garcia : "We must continue our series of victories"

Published on 02 December 2019 at 4:42 PM
Rudi Garcia : « Il faut poursuivre notre série de victoires »
On the eve of a visit from LOSC, Rudi Garcia appeared at a press conference to answer journalists' questions. Find all of his comments on OLPLAY.

State of the squad

Léo Dubois will have an examination tomorrow. We will know more after. It is an external meniscus problem. Marçal is suspended and I hope to get Houssem Aouar, Thiago Mendes and Memphis back quickly. We will see in training. You have to be very careful because there is fatigue in the team. Memphis was injured with the Netherlands. Thiago Mendes was hurt against Nice, but he's the closest player to coming back. Houssem Aouar was injured first, but it's the biggest injury. I am careful with players who play a lot. The problem is that with absentees, the others play have to play more. The meeting against Strasbourg showed that I need all of my squad. With the fixtures that await us, I need my entire squad. We try to give more rest to the players so they are fresh because we play every three days.


The match against Lille

Players know that you have to take the maximum in terms of points. If we are able to string together three wins, then we will jump up the rankings. For now it is not enough, even if we have good momentum. We must continue and beat Lille. Every match is different. Like us, Lille have strengths and weaknesses. It's up to us to find them. The championship is a marathon. There will be a lot of things going on. You have to finish in the top three at the end.


The attacking qualities of OL

In Ligue 1, we are able to score every game. Everyone can do it. We have quality in attack. Maxwel Cornet showed it in Strasbourg. Memphis and Moussa Dembélé are the first-choice strikers, but there is quality in everyone. To score, you must first get the ball. There is enough talent to win.


Things to improve upon

I want to continue to progress. It's been a month since I've arrive. We were then one point above the relegation zone. We had to win. We are doing it. Little by little we find the right feeling. We have big ecounters to come. Trust is coming back little by little. The team needs to keep winning.


The squad

We have to show the players that we are with them and that we can encourage them. These are young players who need to hear what is expected of them. In Strasbourg, the leaders on the pitch have helped the youngest to play with their talent.


Maxence Caqueret

The beginning of the match shows him what he still has work to do. We know that he defends a lot and that he is eager to get stuck in. He must also bring muscle his game. I'm happy for him because he deserved his chance. His first fifteen minutes was precarious, but he knew how to get back into it. The players around him put their trust in him. He still has time to become a seasoned player. It's important to show young people what they still have to work on.


Jeff Reine-Adelaïde

Jeff Reine-Adelaide is an open and intelligent boy. He listens to instructions. The Strasbourg match was not his best, but he was able to score and be decisive. It is also what is asked of him. Some players have to give up their place and that's normal. He scores goals and gives assists. He knows what I expect from him. He must make more accurate choices. He is improving. There are places where you can not afford to lose the ball. Jeff, like everyone else, needs to work on that. He must play more simply in the last 30 meters. He is capable of beautiful things.


The fans' support

The match against Lille will be at home. When all the fans are behind us, we are very hard to beat. Their presence weighs heavily against the opposing team. We will need them against Lille and in the Champions League.


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