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Jeff Reine-Adelaïde : "We have to work to improve"

Published on 02 December 2019 at 4:58 PM
Jeff Reine-Adelaïde : « Il faut travailler pour s'améliorer »
Before the match against LOSC, Jeff Reine-Adelaïde spoke to a press conference. Find all his words on OLPLAY.

The match against Lille

We feel capable of putting together a winning run. We will do everything for it. Lille is a great team with good players. They will be up to the task. It will be an important match. We must not look at other teams, but rather be focused on our goals.


His own situation

I started slowely but it's getting better and better. I needed a period of adaptation. I had to progress on certain points. I am aware of my qualities, but we have a strong squad. Competition is healthy. You have to compete against yourself. When we play, we have to work, stay after training to improve. To be successful, I have to stay true to myself. The fans have quickly adopted me and I thank them.


His relationship with Rudi Garcia

The coach talks to me a lot. It makes me feel good. He brings the answers to my questions. It makes me improve myself. For example, I may find myself poorly positioned on the pitch; we try to rectify that. My strengths and weaknesses are being worked on. When one is a footballer, it is a situation of perpetual questioning. If the coach took me out he had his reasons.


His position on the pitch

The position of playmaker is one appreciated by everyone. I was trained to do this job. The coach chooses where one plays on the field. As a midfielder you have to organize the game, but also defend. The playmaker position allows one to get forward.

The captaincy with the U-21s

Wearing the armband makes me happy, to have it with the hope of achieveing something very big. It is an honor to represent my country. It allows me to be better.


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