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Distinction : 1st prize for Olympique Lyonnais and Nes&Cité for employment and diversity

Published on 01 December 2019 at 8:00 PM
Distinction : 1er prix pour l'Olympique Lyonnais et Nes & Cité en faveur de l'emploi et de la diversité
This Thursday, President Jean-Michel Aulas and Abdel Belmokadem, President of the firm Nes&Cité, went to Paris to receive the 1st prize of the "Top 10 recruiters of diversity" organized by the Mozaik RH Foundation.

In the presence of Bruno LE MAIRE (Minister of Economy and Finance), Saïd HAMMOUCHE, (President, MOZAIK RH Foundation), and many personalities from the world of business and the community, 8 initiatives in favor of inclusion have been put in the spotlight to share their successes and other commitments.

The first prize awarded to Olympique Lyonnais rewards Olympique Lyonnais' initiatives in favor of employment over many years and in particular its promotion of equal opportunities to access to employment, thanks to an original collaboration with a big player in the field, Nes&Cité, and with the major support of Pôle Jobs.

Indeed, since October 2016 OL has relied on Groupama Stadium to organize "job dating" and job forums several times a month to facilitate meetings between candidates and recruiters. These 3 years have seen it host more than 60 events and generate more than 2,000 jobs.

"It is a pride to have created this project with Abdel Belmokadem of Nes & Cité.
This concept does not exist in any other Stadium in Europe. "

Jean-Michel AULAS, President, OL Group


Find a video report made during the last "job dating" at the beginning of November at Groupama Stadium and broadcast during the ceremony.


About the Cité des Entreprises for Employment and Nes&Cité


Programme phare lancé en octobre 2016, la Cité Des Entreprises pour l’Emploi a pour mission de mettre en perspective les besoins en recrutement des entreprises et les personnes en recherche d’emploi sur le même territoire, et de les connecter par le biais de job dating et forum emploi.
Cette plateforme dédiée à l’emploi, mise en place en partenariat avec Pole Emploi et Nes&Cité, se distingue par sa méthodologie et son approche unique du recrutement sur les compétences des candidats, qui contribuent à garantir une véritable égalité des chances en matière d’emploi.
Expérimenté durant 3 ans à travers le projet « ODAS », un outil dédié, baptisé « eRHgo » a été implémenté et mis au service des entreprises et des candidats. Spécialisé dans l’analyse des organisations, eRHgo a pour objectif de décloisonner l’accès à l’emploi et d’accompagner les entreprises dans leur recrutement en s’émancipant du CV.


A flagship program launched in October 2016, the Cité des Entreprises for Employment's mission is to put into perspective the recruitment needs of companies and those of  people looking for work in the same fields, and connect them through "job dating" and job forums.
This platform dedicated to employment, set up in partnership with Pole Emploi and Nes&Cité, is distinguished by its unique methodology and approach to recruitment by focusing on candidates' skills, which contribute to guaranteeing a real equality of opportunity in employment.
Constructed over 3 years through the project "ODAS", a dedicated tool, called "eRHgo" has been implemented and put at the service of companies and candidates. Specialized for the analysis of organizations, eRHgo aims to decompartmentalize access to employment and support companies in their recruitment by liberating the CV.