Rudi Garcia : "I've chosen Memphis Depay as captain"

Published on 23 November 2019 at 11:06 AM
Rudi Garcia : «J'ai choisi Memphis Depay comme capitaine»
Two days before the reception of OGC Nice, Rudi Garcia appeared at a press conference to answer journalists' questions. Find his comments in full on OLPLAY.

The captaincy

The captain will be Memphis Depay. These 6 weeks have allowed me to take stock of things. Those who wore the armband are natural leaders, quality players. Leadership does not wait for a given number of years. Memphis was ready on and off the pitch. I talked about it with Juninho. Memphis is a good choice; he makes efforts to speak the language and he takes French lessons. We speak to him in French so that he progresses as quickly as possible. Players who have worn the armband will all be vice-captains. Against Nice on Saturday, it will be Leo Dubois.


The state of the squad

"Houssem Aouar and Memphis will be absent against Nice. We hope that everyone else will be ready. Bertrand Traore hurt himself against Marseille -- he returned to the group today. If he is 100% tomorrow, then he will be able to play. The return of Marçal is good news. The training sessions have been effective. We are an attacking team, but we must be more defensively sound. I insist on this matter and I'm waiting for the players to respond.


Memphis' injury with the Netherlands

 Memphis has suffered a relapse. It's really damaging for OL. What annoys me is that he injured himself in a game that did not count for the Netherlands because they were already qualified. I think it's a lack of respect for the institution of Olympique Lyonnais. The next match is very important for us, while the Netherlands match was not, how do you want me not to be irritated? I had a conversation with Memphis. He is a competitor who always wants to help his team. At half-time against Benfica, I told Memphis to come off so as not to take any chances. His international side could have done the same to preserve his fitness. I wish he did not play, but the coach always makes the final decision. I can not blame him for playing. The medical staff knew it was a serious injury.


The match against Nice

This is a team that defends very well. They have many qualities with excellent players. I am thinking in particular of Dante, who is a leader. One has to beat Nice, there is no other alternative.


Training during the break

We were working with reduced numbers. The young people of the Academy fill and they allow me to make my own opinion on them, even if Claude Fichaux helps me. There are young people who deserve to come train with the pros and others do not. It is also not a goal to come train with the pros. The players made good matches during the truce. Others played little, not at all. If we can improve things, we will do it.


The team's placement in the table

We are not where we want to be. It is necessary that all of the players become aware of it. We are 14th, but if we had won against Marseille we would be 4th. The championship is very tight. We will play the next matches to win them. It's a long-term ordeal. I must set an example for the players. For now, we have to talk about the league before thinking of the Champions League. We have to start a series of good results against Nice.


The tactical system

The best system is the one that will allow us to win. We will have the opportunity to test out others. The idea of the 4-4-2 was to move Memphis closer to Dembélé. Players must be able to adapt to different systems. We are able to do a lot better; against Benfica we were very good offensively and defensively. The group can do it, but it's up to me to give the best instructions.


Martin Terrier

Martin can play all positions in attack, even in 10. It depends on the system which we are playing. He has all the qualities of a modern striker. I have no doubt that Martin can win a place in the team. We have a lot of games to play, it will not always be the same players on the field.


His relationship with Juninho

Juninho speaks, eats and sleeps football. We bring each other a great deal. We do not agree on everything and that is a good sign; this allows progress. He is a man of character, who is passionate. We have spoken about what's going well and what's wrong. We both want the club to find a place that is where it should be.



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