Martin Terrier : "I have a conquering state of mind"

Published on 23 November 2019 at 11:05 AM
Martin Terrier : « J'ai un état d'esprit de conquérant »
Ahead of a visit from OGC Nice, striker Martin Terrier presented himself at a press conference in front of the media. Find the conference in full on OLPLAY.

His own situation

My start to the season was complicated, especially physically. I had a hard time coming back into the team. I did not seize the opportunities that were offered to me. I work in training to earn my place. I do not cut corners. I have a conquering state of mind. When I have it, nobody can beat me on the pitch. I have to have this mindset every time. It happens me, to want to score goals upon entering the matches. Everything can be played out in this state of mind. I question myself a lot and work on improving myself. I do not really call on others, but if I feel the need, I have no problem doing so. I havea good temperament even if it is less visible than other players. I feel very comfortable at a striker, but I was also successful on the left during the past season.


The end of the international break

We are all happy to get back together. We congratulated those who qualified for their international competitions. We could not wait for everyone to be here. The breaks are complicated because we lack players. Young players can show more of themselves (to the coaches).


The defeat in the last match

We did not play the match that we needed to. The match was played in individual duels. We lost a lot of them; it was hard. This kind of match is played in individual duels. It's a state of mind. Whoever wants to win the most wins the duel. It is this mentality that one must have. We worked well together during the break. We will do everything to do keep improving afterwards.


The beginning of the season

We are all disappointed. We are the ones who play the matches. We must question ourselves. We are looking for what could get us on a good run, but it starts on the pitch. The comeback starts with Saturday's match against Nice. We can then confirm our return to form against Zenit.


The role of captain

We need everyone. I was not considered by the coach for the position of captain. There are leaders in the locker room; not one but several.

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