Anthony Racioppi on OL Access : "I think of nothng but working and improving"

Published on 21 November 2019 at 7:00 PM
Anthony Racioppi dans OL Access : « Je ne pense qu’à travailler et progresser »
Goalkeeper Anthony Racioppi was the guest on OL Access on Thursday from 6:15 pm Find his comments in full on OLPLAY.

His own situation

I suspected that Ciprian Tatarusanu, who is more experienced, would be in front of me in the hierarchy. This does not pose a problem. I only think about working and progressing. I want to play, it's normal. I play football for that. I still have time, I do not rush.


Playing matches with the reserves

These are complicated games because we play against more experienced players who are used to these sort of matches. It's hard, but I'm sure we'll keep going and stay the course. I try to bring my experience to the group and help the youngest on the pitch to bridge the gap to the professional group.



Goalkeepers, we are a small group. We are a little apart and we join the rest of the group later in the session. Training with Gregory Coupet is nothing but fun. There is good preparation indoors before going on the field to warm up our muscles and be ready to play in the cold.


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