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Griedge Mbock on OL Access : "We want to stay at the top"

Published on 14 November 2019 at 7:00 PM
Griedge Mbock dans OL Access : « On veut rester au sommet »
Griedge Mbock was the guest of Julia Vial and Serge Colonge in OL Access, this Thursday at 18h15. Find all the interview in full on OLPLAY.


They are a team that has progressed a lot and has expanded its bench. There are players who can make the difference in winning a match. Their attacking trio is powerful and technical. It's up to us to remain attentive and not to leave the slightest opportunity. We will have to be very careful. They want to win a title so it's up to us to get in their way.


Neck and neck in the league

The goal-average will count a lot at the end of the season so it's important to beat our direct competitor. It motivates us. We want to stay at the top and win the championship once again. We work every day for that; this is our goal. The matches are becoming closer, the Trophée des Championnes ended in a draw. We train on a daily basis to keep our lead. We start with a small advantage with having already beaten them this season, even it was only on penalties. I think we were better in the game and the goal came from an error on our part.


Playing at Groupama Stadium

The contribution of the fans is important. We are at home and we also want it to put pressure on PSG players. We are eager to show our fans good things and give them the victory. At the World Cup, there was strong support, we had a taste of that. We get used to it more and more so we do not really have any pressure. On the contrary, when there are a lot of fans, it gives us even more desire to go for the victory.

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