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Published on 13 November 2019 at 6:23 PM
Communiqué de presse

Olympique Lyonnais is surprised to learn of the Olympique de Marseille press release published today and confirms that serious incidents occurred during the arrival of the team's bus on Sunday night at the Vélodrome as well as throughout the match and regrets any statements that may deny or downplay proven facts that have been filmed and broadcast by media and on social networks.

Olympique Lyonnais would like to point out that as soon as it arrived at the Marseille airport, insults and threats were made by Marseille supporters calling for, among other things, "to stall the bus". On this point, the OL states that the use of its official bus, equipped with triple glazing, was naturally justified, as the security risk was much higher. In a normal bus, the windows would have been broken by the projectiles thrown on the journey of the players, coaches and staff to the Velodrome. OL aver that 5 bolts were thrown at the bus, with violence, and found in the glass debris and identified by the match delegate.

When Olympique de Marseille mentions in its press release "a unique atmosphere in France and in Europe" and that "the show in the stand has guaranteed an exceptional awareness throughout the world" is fanciful and totally irresponsible. Our championship could not deliver a worse image than the one displayed Sunday evening by the events and incidents which surrounded the match:


- Shields deployed by the national police when taking corners or on the substitution of Bertrand Traoré, who was escorted by police, as he left the field

-  Throwing of projectiles

- Antony Gautier stopping the match due to numerous flares

- Many firecrackers

- Lasers pointed at Anthony Lopes before the penalty of Dimitri Payet and some corners obliging the announcer to intervene to stop them

- Insults against Rudi Garcia

- The very exaggerated lack of fair play by the ball boys preventing the players from recovering the ball quickly, going so far as to project it in the opposite direction of the OL players

- The disrespectful attitude of Dimitri Payet at the end of the match going as far as approaching the bench of Rudi Garcia to create the incident

Finally, contrary to what the Marseille said in its statement, the president of the OL did not make any fanciful remarks. Jean-Michel Aulas was simply content to report established facts that should not intervene in the organization of a sporting event and that it is not enough to deny, minimize, or to be released from any responsibility of creating pressure on the players of the OL and probably on the referees and delegates, unbecoming of a big match in Ligue 1.