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OM - OL : The reaction of Jean-Michel Aulas

Published on 11 November 2019 at 12:17 AM
OM - OL : la réaction de Jean-Michel Aulas
Following the defeat (2-1) against OM, Jean-Michel Aulas spoke with OLTV. Find his full reaction on OLPLAY.


"In terms of its presentation, it was a football match that was disorienting and truncated. The LFP must question itself. I refused to come in an anonymous bus, as I had been kindly suggested to do. What happened what was planned. All afternoon, people on social networks had called for the bus to be stopped. It was hit by five projectiles. The League delegate who was inside the coach was himself very moved. How do you want players not to be traumatized by this expression of passion that is beyond comprehension? We were in a state of lawlessness this afternoon in Marseille. The people who run the league must make decisions, so that we do not penalize a club like ours who comes to play in a context where there is no equal chance. "



"During the match, I regret a number of decisions by the referee and the VAR. There is a penalty on the handball by Thiago Mendes, but in the same action, Morgan Sanson has made a very clear handball. There should have been a cancellation of the penalty. In addition, we saw very well Dario Benedetto slap Léo Dubois from behind and there is no card. In the first period, I think that the bus incident and the pressure and intimidating conditions we suffered were surely too difficult to overcome. During the second period, we had more possession and many more opportunities, but we were more clumsy. If we take away this penalty, which should have been removed, I think the tenor of the match may have changed. We must see beyond a result that has been unfavorable to us. I repeat that the League must take a number of decisions because it is not possible to play in these conditions. I am very disappointed that this has happened. "



"We had a very good match this week against Benfica, which gives us the opportunity to qualify for the knockout stages of the Champions League. The squad is very tight. There are no problems in the dressing room. Rudi Garcia is doing a great job. He has put the team in the right direction. Tonight, we may not have been strong enough on the physical level in the first period but the players have suffered very difficult things. I was in the bus myself, so I can attest that the atmosphere was very strong and the players were affected. "

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