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OM - OL : The post-match reactions

Published on 10 November 2019 at 11:52 PM
OM - OL : les réactions d'après-match
Lyon's players and manager have spoken to the microphone of OLTV after the defeat to OM (2-1). All their reactions can be found in full on OL Play.

Rudi Garcia

"We had a good start to the second period. We had no margin for error before the break because it was necessary not to concede a third goal. I did not like our game after getting a man advantage. Tactically, we have not managed to take advantage of this superiority. We lost because they wanted more. I had to remove one of the four players in the middle to have more of a presence up front. I wanted to win the match. We have not been able to do it. You have to be humble; there is still a lot of work to do. We will have to recover the missing points as quickly as possible. "



"We played two different periods. There was a lot of stop-start with all the fouls. We were hit with rocks before the match and felt a lot of pressure. I have seen these things before, it's unfortunate. Losing against a dominant opponent is easy to accept, but not tonight. The referee was bad. We will move forward. It's a shame because we had just started a good run. We wanted to continue it. This defeat leaves us lagging in the standings. It will be necessary to be ready to go after the break. I think it was not a fairly played match. The league must be careful because otherwise football will regress. "


Rayan Cherki

"It was very complicated to get into this game. Marseille put forth a lot of intensity. In the second half, it was a little better but not enough. We had the impression of playing eleven against eleven despite the numerical superiority. We did not know how to take advantage. "

Find the complete post-match reactions on OLPLAY.






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