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OM - OL : The most important goals in the Olympico

Published on 09 November 2019 at 3:00 PM
OM - OL : les buts les plus marquants de l'Olympico
Olympique Lyonnais and Olympique de Marseille are two historic clubs in the French football landscape. The battles between the two clubs have been raging for years and some goals have been more important than others; here are a few.

The first: OL - OM (2-2), Pierre Flamion, November 11 1951

For this first goal, we must go back to the '50s. At that time, OL had just been created and were preparing to face for the first time the team that would become one of its biggest rivals over time. This 13th matchday of championship took place at the Stade Gerland and it was the locals who would take the lead against of their opponent: Pierre Flamion opeeds the scoring (1-0, 28 ') and scored the first goal in the history of Olympico . Georges Dupraz would even double the lead (2-0, 41 ') but OM would come back to score in the second half thanks to Roberto Alarcon (2-1, 67') and Jean Lanfranchi (2-2, 71 ') . The tone was already set; this rivalry is bound to be rich in goals.


Individual brilliance: OM - OL (0-1), Juninho, May 21 2005

For this 37th matchday of Ligue 1, OL went to the Vélodrome already champion. There was thus no pressure for Les Gones, even if winning against Marseille, especially at home, would still be a performance to remember. If there is a man who plays every game as if his life depended on it, it was Juninho. While the score was still nil-nil, the legendary number 8 of OL took up the ball at the edge of the area. He turned Costa, then Dehu, before facing Habib Beye who threw himself into a tackle. The Brazilian only had to wrap a shot in Gavanon's net to register the only goal of the match, but also one of the most beautiful in the history of the Olympico.


The madness: OL - OM (5-5), Michel Bastos, November 8 2009

Decidedly, the month of November has been conducive to exceptional Olympicos. Fifty-eight years after their first showdown, Lyon and Marseille met on the 13th matchday and went blow for blow. After scoring the first two goals, OL found themselves behind 2-4 in the 74th minute of play. This was without counting on Lisandro who, in three minutes, scored twice. 4-4, and into extra time and the game seems to have offered enough madness to satisfy the 38,000 spectators at the Stade Gerland. And yet... Pjanic recovers the ball in his half of the field and splits the opponent's midfield. He spies Lisandro, who feeds Gomis who in turn slots in Pjanic making a run to the goal. It seemed the Bosnian would shoot but  the current Juventus man sees Michel Bastos on the right side and picks him out. The Brazilian turns Mandanda after a sublime move. Even if OM were be able to equalize at the end of the night, Bastos had scored one of the best goals in the history of Olympique Lyonnais in what is still today one of the most spectacular matches of the history of the championship of France.




The first of a long night: OL - OM (8-0), Alain Cavéglia, May 24, 1997

On January 13th, 1991, OM beat OL on their pitch by the biggest margin in the history of the Olympico: a clean and flawless 7-0 which was notable for a Jean-Pierre Papin quadruple. The blow was a powerful one and OL would win only one game out of the seven that followed. Then came this 38th day of the 1996-1997 championship. There is little to play for and the two teams are respectively ninth and tenth, with the hosts eight points ahead. A rather ordinary match on paper, it would quickly become historic. From the first minute of play, Alain Cavéglia is runs on to a ball over the top in the area and easily beats the Marseille goalkeeper. This is the beginning of a wave that would be the most definitive in the history of the Olympico: Florian Maurice (8 ', 29'), Franck Gava (15 '), Ludovic Giuly (20', 25 ', 54') and again Alain Cavéglia (35 ') would add seven more goals for an 8-0 win. If one removes the 5-5 of 2009, it is the most goal-rich meeting between the two teams, and, obviously, the one with the biggest margin of victory.



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