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OL - Metz : The Reactions

Published on 26 October 2019 at 10:30 PM
OL - Metz : les réactions d'après-match
The Lyon players have spoken at the microphone of OLTV after the victory (2-0) against Metz. All their reactions can be found in full on OL Play.

Rudi Garcia

"I found the refereeing very good tonight. We have a nice tool with video assistance. We must trust the referees. But I prefer to keep a good match under control of my players. Memphis has unlocked the situation in a very nice way. I would have liked a little more but I think we had more means physically,. We need the whole group. We will have time this week to work on the triptych of Toulouse, Benfica, andd Marseille. "



"It was important to win. It's true that the second half was a little complicated. But in the first period we saw what we wanted to see our state of play with some nice  attacking moves. We are still a little fatigued but it's a good victory. It was the third game of the week, including Wednesday's, which left an impression physically. We made the difference in the first half and this is very positive. Given the situation before the game, we can be happy to take the three points tonight. "


Léo Dubois

" It feels good. The main thing was to find a path to victory in the league. In the first half, we execute the things we wanted to put in place. In the second, we have not manage to put the same intensity. We were at home, it was important not to concede a goal. This week of rest will do us good. We will continue to work with the coach. "


Anthony Lopes

"This victory is good for a lot of things: our mental state, the points. We had a very good first half. Now we have a week to work to adjust some things. It was complicated for me on Wednesday night. The welcome I had was heart-warming. I really thank the fans. "


Jeff Reine-Adélaïde

"This victory does us a lot of good. It feels good to be on the pitch, to play. I will regain confidence with this game. It was a bad phase but now I am very very happy. It will be necessary to analyze the match and rely on these good things to win next week in Toulouse. "


Lucas Tousart

"We started the game pretty well. Memphis' feat freed us. We could have scored other goals but we will not be choosy either. I think that were physically under the cosh because of Wednesday's match. I had a difficult summer but I did not ask myself too many questions. By dint of work, I managed to make my place little by little. I am very happy to reach this bar of the 100 matches in Ligue 1 with OL. I'm very proud. "


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