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Rudi Garcia : "We want to bring back a positive result"

Published on 22 October 2019 at 7:11 PM
Rudi Garcia : « On entend ramener un résultat positif »
On the eve of his first European match as head of OL, Rudi Garcia appeared at a press conference to answer journalists' questions. His words can be found in full on OL PLAY.


"Anthony said it well: the championship and the Champions League are two completely different events. It allows us to move on. OL have started well but these two matches will be very important. We have a lot of respect for Benfica. We have studied this team well. We want, at least, to stay in second after this matchday. We want to bring back a positive result. "



"We are playing away from home. We will not reflect back on Saturday's game. This trip to Lisbon is important in terms of the progression of the team. We have the opportunity to regain confidence, something the team sometimes missed on Saturday ... "



"We have little time to prepare this game, especially tactically since we are well-known to everyone. Moreover, Fernando Marçal is a little injured before the game tomorrow. There are things that can not be revealed before the match. Leo (Dubois) and Memphis (Depay) are doing very well. They are in contention for a place for tomorrow but I wanted an extended squad to account for possible injuries. "



"This team has attacking quality. Only their coach knows which players will be used. There is not only quality in front. On the flanks, at the back as well Pizzi is a very good player. But I also have a group with quality and talent and I am committed to the team and proving it. Having good players is good; having a good team is better. Benfica have not won any of their first two games and that puts them under pressure to obtain a result. We know that it will be a difficult match but we come with ambition and with weapons. We do not want to lose; we want to score goals. We will show a lot of determination. Trade one of my players for one of those of Benfica? No, I have a talented squad and I am very happy. "



"I still need time to get to know my players, my club. I observe, I note what I would like to change. As to the players, I give them only the essential information. I think we can play in many systems. I also have to get to know them better in order to identify my leaders, and then choose my captain. With that, Anthony (Lopes) has helped me a lot. I have always had very good 'keepers. They are natural leaders and Antho will be my captain tomorrow. "



"He has only played one game with me. I did not hear the president call out Thiago directly ... He is a high quality player but he still has things to improve. It's not that easy to integrate into a new club. I wanted it with me at OM before coming here. I had called Christophe Galtier but it could not be done. And last year, Thiago always played with another player in the middle, such as Xeka. Thiago is a very good player. Maybe he needs to find his sense of position with two in the middle. I will say one negative thing about him: he does not speak enough French. He understands perfectly but will resume classes in order to communicate better with his teammates. I will do everything to make him the Thiago Mendes that we knew of before. "

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