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Jason Denayer : "Being captain has given me importance"

Published on 17 October 2019 at 3:19 PM
Jason Denayer : « Etre capitaine m'a donné de l'importance »
Two days before the resumption of Ligue 1 Conforama with the reception of Dijon on the 10th matchday, Jason Denayer appeared at a press conference to answer journalists' questions. His words can be found in full on OL PLAY.

New beginnings with Rudi Garcia

"The new coach showed up on Monday. He was missing players so he could not work with us the way he wanted. He will be able to do it now that the group is complete. It is important for a coach to have individual meetings. He did it quickly. The week went very well. We have resumed normal service with the internationals. There is change because the coach brings his own style. It's up to us to adapt. It's a more attacking game. We did not have time to work on things 100% because we were missing the internationals. "


His status as captain

"I do not know if I'll still be captain. We talked about what I needed to do and what I needed to improve. This status has given me importance on and off the field. The group is the most important thing. "


Competition in central defense

"There is competition in every club, it's part of football. You have to make sure to be successful to remain a startet. I am more comfortable in a two-man defense, but I can adapt to three at the back. "


The poor run of form

"Sylvinho had instilled a style that was personal to him. We started well and then it was more complicated. We are responsible for the results. We were aware of the problems. We must move on. We have always been involved in training. Our desire has not changed. The most important thing is the three points. The players in the national teams have had the time to clear their minds and us also to practice. The break helps us move on. "


A favorable schedule?

"Every game is difficult. Based on what has happened, no match is easy. It will be up to us to make it so. We know our collective strength and individual qualities. We know what we are capable of. I hope we will bounce back quickly. "


The fans' reactions

"Everyone reacts in his own way. These are the results that will make sure that it goes well. We prepare for the match like everyone else. We each have our way of doing things so as not to think about that. We think of the results. We must get through this. It will not be easy but I think some of the fans will support us. "






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