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News from the OL Institution : Juninho and Jean-Michel Aulas

Published on 09 October 2019 at 10:07 AM
Des nouvelles de l’Institution OL : Juninho et Jean-Michel Aulas

President, last night a strong decision was made by the management of Olympique Lyonnais?

JMA : Indeed, last night, the Management Committee met and listened attentively to our Sporting Director Juninho. We made the decision to implement a procedure that could lead to the termination of Sylvinho's employment contract, with a temporary layoff with immediate effect. We will soon speak with him for an interview prior to a possible end to of his employment contract. To respect the current procedure and preserve the rights of Sylvinho, we can not comment on this issue for the moment.

Juni has all our confidence, that of the Management Committee, as mine. He immediately set to work to propose an interim solution. We bring our full support to Juni and wish to give him the means to continue this season in the Champions League and especially to find a place in the league more consistent with the ambitions and expectations of the club (we are only the 9th matchday).


Who made that decision?

Juninho : I explained to the President my position which was then unanimously approved by the Management Committee. I therefore spoke with Gerald to propose to him to take over the training and he accepted. He has been with the club since 2011, he knows perfectly the internal workings, the staff, the players and the requirements of the Champions League. In particular, he has participated with us in 8 consecutive European qualifiers.

JMA : Yes indeed, Juni has taken his responsibilities and I confirm that the organization that I wanted to put in place works fully. I remain behind the sporting support of the institution and I devote myself to the national and international development of OL Groupe, including our new multipurpose room project, our strategic partnership with LDLC ASVEL (men and women), the development of OL City, and the acquisition of an American women's football franchise. Tomorrow, we will publish our financial results that are aligned with our expectations. I said what I was going to do, and I continue to do what I said.


How were the players informed?

Juninho : I wanted the players and the staff to be immediately informed at the end of the Management Committee meeting before sending the press release to the media. I also met the staff today in the early afternoon to give them the guidelines of what we want to put in place today.

What objectives have you set for Gerald Baticle?

Juninho : Gerald's mission is to create a new direction in the management of the professional group, in order to put in place all the conditions to allow us to find a sport level more in keeping with the standing of Olympique Lyonnais. In the Champions League, our goal is to qualify for the round of 16. In the league, we have to catch up with our opponents and, by the winter break, we have the ambition to find a place on the podium. We now have 10 games in front of us to get there and make up for the 7-point deficit with 3rd place. Regarding the future, we are already at work and I am studying all the assumptions that will allow the OL to the program, initiated by the President, to grow in all aspects of its infrastructure and development, while preserving a high-end sporting driven by former top athletes.