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Lucas Tousart : "A derby is a state of mind, you have to mark your territory."

Published on 04 October 2019 at 2:49 PM
Lucas Tousart : « Un derby c'est un état d'esprit, il faut marquer son territoire »
Two days before the derby against Saint-Étienne, Lucas Tousart appeared at a press conference on Friday, to answer questions from journalists. His remarks can be found in full on OLTV and OLPLAY.

The beginning of the season

"It's great to get back on a win right before the derby. We are in a complicated period in the league. We need points and that's what we need to think about. The group lives well together. There is a good ambiance. But this atmosphere didn't show on the pitch. We were less hungry. It's normal, there have been a lot of changes this summer. We must give time to allow things to develop. There were matches that were not worthy of OL. We try to be as consistent as possible throughout the season. We are keen to continue the dynamic of the victory against Leipzig. "


The derby

"The Derby is two clubs with a strong identity. When I was little, I watched it on TV. This is a game apart for all Lyonnais and Stéphanois, but also for all of France. A derby is above all a state of mind. Whoever wins the duels will win. You have to mark your territory. I have had the chance to play several. There, you have to face a hostile atmosphere. We like that. It is a match that must be approached in a different way than others. Those who arrived this summer do not necessarily know what to expect. It's up to us to get them the message and tell them it's a game you must not lose. We must prepare them. "



"They made a complicated start to the season. There are rumors of a possible change of coach. Changing coaches two days before the derby seems complicated. There are upheavals that must disrupt them. It's up to us to push them further. "


His own form

"I feel good and I started the season well. There have been more complicated matches lately. I am a team player. I'm happy with what I've been doing since the beginning of the season, although we can always improve. The desire to improve is essential to be effective on the field. "


The group's spirit

"We missed the feeling of victory; it's necessary to enjoy group life 100%. This victory rewards the work of everyone. We had a complicated period and restarting in this way before the derby can only fill us with confidence. "



"The coach speaks a lot of the language and Claudio Caçapa translates when we do not understand. We adapt perfectly. It's good to have a different culture. The coach is someone very serious in his work. He knows where he wants to go and where to take us. "


Juninho's speech

"It made us realize things that had been done incorrectly. He intervened when he judged it best to do so. You have to put your foot down when things aren't right and he did it perfectly. "






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