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After Leipzig – OL : Martin Terrier enters the big leagues

Published on 03 October 2019 at 11:41 AM
Après Leipzig – OL : Martin Terrier entre dans la cour des grands
The OL striker scored his first Champions' League goal on Wednesday night in Leipzig in his first UEFA Champions League start of the season.

For a young striker, it's the sort of goal that marks a milestone in a career. To register his first goal in the Champions' League, where the best teams of Europe compete against each other and where the greatest goalscorers of the Old Continent are judged, is a moment that we look forward to and that we do not never forget. And Martin Terrier will remember all his life the one he scored Wednesday night on the pitch of the Red Bull Arena Leipzig, the last of two goals that gave the victory to OL (0-2). Taking advantage of Nordi Mukiele's miscue, he made his fox-like instinct speak for itself by seizing the opportunity and finding the way to the net with the cold blood of a real killer.



This is something we sometimes forget about Martin Terrier. Often positioned on the left wing, the Lyon No. 7 remains a formidable finisher, able to score from any position: in the area, by making an  opponent lose the ball like Wednesday, or by finishing far from goal with goldsmith-like precision, thanks to the silky touch of his right foot. A real scorer who has formalized his entry into the European elite, he must now aim to repeat the performance to make his name one that no one can forget.

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