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Julian Nagelsmann :"We must not think about the weaknesses of OL"

Published on 01 October 2019 at 2:28 PM
Julian Nagelsmann : « On ne doit pas penser aux faiblesses de l'OL »
The coach of RB Leipzig and Ibrahima Konaté, the French central defender of the German side, spoke before the match against OL.


"Patrik (Schick) trained yesterday but still needs to see the physiotherapist. We will see tonight how he handled the session but he will not play tomorrow. He has had little training with the team and in the Champions League we want men who are 100% ready. Kevin (Kampl); we miss him. He quickly understood what I expected from the team. Yesterday, he felt good but we will see the evolution of the condition of his ankle. There is no one else out injured. My players are calm, they feel very good and I hope it will be so tomorrow. OL has experienced changes including the arrival of a new coach. They lost some very important players to their way of playing can find their habitual style of play. We will have to be well prepared. Before thinking about the weaknesses of OL, we must first focus on their strengths. We are talking about a crisis but it is always dangerous to face a team in this situation. OL have great players but it's up to us to make our mark on the game, especially in counter-pressing. We can not approach this game by saying that OL are not good. "



"We have a young team. We take pleasure from growing together. People can feel it and I think they also enjoy watching us play. I am French so I am a fan of Ligue 1. OL has had a little trouble at the beginning of the season but it can happen to anyone. It's a big European club, with a good squad. This team can hurt many clubs in Europe. If I had seen a weakness in OL, I would not have told you (laughs). We will have to be careful, they have plenty of quality players. These past two seasons have allowed us to learn to play every three days. We have matured and we have learned to play better together. I see that the Bundesliga attracts more and more young people. It is a dream for us to play in such stadiums and that is what Germany offers. We have the opportunity to face big teams and progress quickly. And here, the chance is given to young people to express themselves through their play. "

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