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Anthony Lopes : "Everyone must contribute to building success"

Published on 27 September 2019 at 3:39 PM
Anthony Lopes : « Chacun doit apporter sa pierre à l'édifice »
Before facing FC Nantes, this Saturday, September 29 at 13:30, Anthony Lopes appeared at a press conference to answer questions from journalists. Find his comments in full on OLTV and OL PLAY.

The week ahead

"With the recent results, we have a little lost confidence. We must find it tomorrow. We spoke together in training, everyone was able to give his feelings. Several positive things came out, including tactics. We must be able to show the true face of the group and of Olympique Lyonnais. I think this morning's discussion was very important. Many people spoke, even those who usually don't. We have a crucial week ahead, with the matches against Nantes, Leipzig and St-Etienne. It could bring us a lot of positives going forward."


The mood in the team

"Among the squad, it's going very well. The group is very close despite the results. When trust is again present and good performances are ensured, we will be the steamroller that we are capable of being. With the coach, it's going very well too. He is very attentive to the players and the staff. He's a young coach, it's the first time he's the number 1. We have to help him find the solutions, and I'm sure he'll do it. It is also up to us to bring some intensity to the field. Everyone must contribute to the building of the team according to their abilities. A dribble, a pass, a stop ... The instructions, it is sometimes necessary to know how to exceed them. We need to see this kind of overreaching within our team. We will find the solution since there are already many positive points, even today. The summer recruits are very well integrated. Joachim Andersen and Jean Lucas come from abroad but they have already adapted very well to the group. Most of the others already knew the championship so it may be a bit easier for them. "


The match against Nantes

"We have tried several tactical systems recently and we need to find the solution tomorrow. We have to win home games. Nantes are in full swing and we must catch up to them. The schedule does not matter to me. 13:30, 19h, 21h, it ought not to change much. We know we must be ready from the beginning of the match. Nantes will come with intent and it bothers me a little. We are Olympique Lyonnais, and to say that teams come to shake us ... We must reverse the trend. The supporters know how important they are to us. If we manage to make a good start against Nantes, we know they will follow us and give us strength. We have to be unified, among the team and in the stadium with the fans. We can not accept this situation. In football, there are highs, lows ... If there had been another player in my place today, he would have been as prepared as me. We all pull in the same direction. We are angry with ourselves. Current results do not reflect what we are capable of doing. It's up to us to show this tomorrow. "


The influence of Juninho

"Juninho's role goes without saying. He is very professional, very attentive to everyone. He still lives with passion, but he knows where his place is. He brings confidence through his experience. When he speaks, you have to listen to him. Everyone is impressed with his speech and that of the staff. This is what must be our strength. "