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Sylvinho : "With work, confidence will return"

Published on 24 September 2019 at 4:34 PM
Sylvinho : « Avec le travail, la confiance reviendra »
On the eve of Lyon's game in Brest, Sylvinho was at a press conference to respond to the media. His remarks can be found in full on OLTV and OL PLAY.


"Not all players are available. Marcelo will stay here, he is not fit. Thiago Mendes will come with us but is very uncertain, we must wait on his condition. "


The importance of confidence

"In football, trust is something you build with results. The results we want, we will get them with work. When we have several matches without a win, it's hard to regain that confidence. It is by working that it will return. It's only takes a few poor matches for the doubt to spread. This is not unique to OL, but to all clubs with ambition. Even the biggest players can have doubt. When you have confidence, you make better choices. If not, even the simplest passes can become complicated. We get tired of making the wrong choices and this creates a negative spiral. I do not think the problem is physical, we worked hard this summer to avoid this."


Right back

"I have to make choices. The season is still long and everyone will play. Rafael was injured during the pre-season but has been better since. My fullbacks have different qualities and are in competition. They all have ambitions to play regularly."

His own current situation

"The president has always supported me, he's a great man who really cares about his club. He trusts me, so I only think about the next game and winning it. I do not worry about my situation. "






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