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Jean-Michel Aulas : « There was a strong desire to take home this first trophy of a new championship »

Published on 21 September 2019 at 6:30 PM
Jean-Michel Aulas : « Il y avait une forte volonté de récupérer ce premier trophée des Championnes »
The president of OL spoke to the microphone of OLTV following Lyon's victory against PSG for the first Trophée des Championnes in history.

Jean-Michel Aulas

There was a strong desire to recover this first trophy of a new championship. We are deeply happy and there is a strong atmosphere in the locker room. It has always been very difficult against PSG but today we were never  really never worried. There was still a lot of quality on the bench. The mentality is to stay ahead of PSG and the other teams in the championship like Bordeaux or Montpellier who are improving. We won the first confrontation of this OL-PSG duel with this victory from the girls, let's hope we can have the same prognosis for tomorrow. I have great confidence in the team but also in Sylvinho and Juninho.


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