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Eugénie Le Sommer: "An important psychological moment for what's to come"

Published on 20 September 2019 at 6:20 PM
Eugénie Le Sommer : "Une importance psychologique pour la suite"
Jean-Luc Vasseur and Eugénie Le Sommer spoke to the press on the eve of the Trophée des Championnes against PSG in Guingamp.

Eugénie Le Sommer

"It's always special for me to come back to Brittany and meet the Breton public, it's a great match, a great advertisement for the league, it's a new trophy to contest. We start each season with the ambition to win everything. PSG is one of our biggest rivals, we often meet them in the finals or semi-finals of the competitions; we are always close in the league. This match has a psychological importance for the future. "

Jean-Luc Vasseur

"We are delighted that this competition has been created, it is a new great event for women's football, it will be a beautiful advertisement for the sport, the playing conditions are perfect, we are very eager, there is a big team ahead of us that requires good preparation and necessarily requires more energy to play against. "

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