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Sylvinho : "I'm building a group mentality"

Published on 11 September 2019 at 4:49 PM
Sylvinho : « Je construis une mentalité de groupe »
After the international break and two days before league play resumes against Amiens (20:45), coach Sylvinho spoke to the media.


"For Jason (Denayer), it does not seem like a serious injury, we'll have to wait. The doctor sees him in the afternoon, it will be necessary to be patient to know more. I have several options to name as my captain if he is not there. Léo (Dubois) is one, for example. He played with the national side yesterday so I do not know if he will play against Amiens. We'll see. As for Houssem (Aouar), he trained normally Tuesday. "


The match against Amiens

"I am very happy to be back in the league. It's a long road, as I have already said. We need to build trust and it will come with the results. It will absolutely be necessary to gain confidence by imposing itself here. Jean Lucas does not arrive until tomorrow. Today, I'm going to get back Jason, Leo and Memphis. The group should be complete by tomorrow and we will have only one team practice before Friday's match. I'm wondering about the team to line up. Memphis played all of the two games, Leo played 90 minutes Tuesday night ... I'll have my whole group tomorrow and I cannot decide the team until Friday. The match in Amiens will be physical, difficult, and the players will be the ones we judge 100% ready. "



The work during the break

"What displeased me was the sendings-off. I am against any type of violence and I want the match to end with eleven players. Four games with two dismissals, I am not happy! Regarding the break, we had only ten players to work with. We worked on physical training and tactics but the group was far from complete. I am building a group mentality. We must have more collective values than individual values, so that individuals can just shine through the collective. We need to gain confidence again. I believe in the players and in their work. The eleven who will be on the field will be the best. I insist on creating a real group mentality, with a collective aspect superior to individual interests. It's more at the behavioral level that the work is done. I want the player to have a real desire to play well, to press, to go beyond the ninety minutes and win. We have a strong, talented group, and I will continue to work on this mental aspect. "



Memphis' situation

"I've seen different games from our players, including those from Memphis. He has a different freedom when he is in the centre with the Netherlands whereas here he plays more often on the left. We cannot compare how a player plays for club and country; they are two different entities. Memphis is our striker and he can become a scorer. He has already scored four goals, just like Moussa. They are both good so I do not have to complain. Memphis will play mostly on the left with us since this is our system but there is no problem. We have two very powerful and very important offensive players. "



The competition

"I will not accept that a player puts his personal interests above those of the team. I'm in a big club that has not won titles for a long time. It's not normal. This group must be united. The players are smart, they know they will have a chance and it will be up to them to respond on the pitch. "


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