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Jean-Luc Vasseur: "We are the team to beat"

Published on 09 September 2019 at 5:07 PM
Jean-Luc Vasseur : "Nous sommes l’équipe à battre"
Jean-Luc Vasseur and Janice Cayman appeared in front of the media ahead of the Women's Champions League round of 16 against Ryazan on Wednesday at 1400h. The match will be broadcast exclusively on OLTV.

Fitness report

Alex Greenwood isn’t quite ready and Shanice Van de Sanden has a big injury so we are taking care of them.


The Women's Champions League

The important thing is to win. We are humble. It's a very tough competition. We must be vigilant, taking the matches as they come. We have a big desire to win. The competition is getting tougher. English clubs are putting big money into the game. We must work to stay ahead. We are the team to beat. We have to have the capacity to resist and win. We have to be ready every time.



It's a rough game. We can not really assess the level of Russian teams. There are only 8 clubs. We’re going there with a level of caution. We want to start the competition well and to take the matches one by one. We are leaving tomorrow for Russia and we will decide the team that will play after training.


Membership Management

We have some positions with lots competition. We must manage the players. We have a lot of matches to play. It's up to me to make the choices and the girls understand it very well. The priority is to win. Janice Cayman can play in different positions. She has responded perfectly to what I expected from her. She is an international player who can play on the right and the left. She adapts very well.




Her first steps

I had some time to adapt and now, I feel great. I was not afraid to join a squad like this. It's a big challenge and I like getting out of my comfort zone. They are all champions and I learn every day. Lyon is one of the best clubs in the world. I'm versatile, but it's up to the coach to decide. I am here to meet his needs.


Playing in the Women's Champions League

It makes me very happy. OL has a very good track record. The girls want to win all the matches. I like this attitude. It's a great competition. I like playing high-level matches against foreign clubs. Every match is a pleasure. 

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